Happy Economic Banana

I’m coming to believe that one of the lessons I will take away from this challenge (to blog every day in 2012) is that posting every day is not necessarily in a blogger’s best interests.   When you first start out,  and need to build up a body of content to give your site substance,  daily posting might make more sense.  But for an established site,  adding a new post every single day can be counter-productive.   A couple of days ago I did a post asking  whether Empire Avenue is “real life” or “just a game”.     I was very pleased at all the comments I received and honestly yesterday and today I would have preferred to continue promoting that post and try to continue the discussions it sparked.    However,  since I am committed to posting every day,  I have published more posts and am working on this post for today.

This is not the first time the word banana has come up in these Just 3 Words suggestions.   I was really impressed by my friend Wayne‘s comment on my earlier banana post.   Wayne pointed out what a fascinating history bananas have,  both horticulturally economically and politically.   From the botanists who worked diligently for many years to create the Cavendish banana that is a yellow supermarket staple the world over these days to the often corrupt governments in Central American regions where bananas are produced.    (Making a mental note to pick up a bunch of bananas the next time I go to the store.)

I apologize that this post isn’t really about the economics of banana happiness.    Sometimes the words can be used to create a great post,  and other times like today it simply does not work.   I thank my friend Jana Vrints for suggesting today’s words,  and promise that I will be back tomorrow with a new post.   Even if the real life vs. just a game discussion continues to hop and it doesn’t really feel as though I need one.   Frankly,  I will be glad to make it through the end of the year when I will no longer feel obligated to do a new post every day.   Here’s hoping that this finds you having a great Thursday.


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