217/276 or 78.6%

Sometimes,  one of the fun things about keeping up a regular blog is that you can go back and read posts you wrote years ago.   Or just last week.    Yesterday,  I spent a lazy couple of hours reading over my posts on this blog from just before Holly’s birthday back in March up until early September.    I was frankly appalled to see how many times I really didn’t say much more than that I was having a bad bipolar day.   Though I was extremely moved to realize how very much I have received love and kindness from my friends in the comments.

It can be oh so easy to get caught up in numbers and pay far too much attention to checking your scores,  to worry about how many page views you receive,  how your site ranks on Google or in Alexa and an almost infinite variety of other ephemera that are not actually related to your goals at all or are at best peripheral to what you’re trying to accomplish.     For me,  the love and kindness I receive from my friends in the comments really is the point.   And re-reading all of those posts and comments really brought that home to me.   And whatever my scores,  I know in my heart this blog has been quite successful for me.

Speaking of scores,  I note now on October 1st that we are 276 days into 2012 and I have posted on 217 of those days.   By my calculation I have kept my blog every day promise 78.6% of the time.    I was able to find a great many guides for converting numeric percentage scores to letter grades,  though none of them seemed authoritative and most all of them varied somewhat in where they drew the cutoff lines,  for when an A becomes an A- or when a B- becomes a C+.    On some scales my 78.6% was a B-minus and on others a C-plus.    While I would like to think that I have done better than a “gentleman’s C” on my blogging challenge,  I find that I feel rather proud of how well I have done with this project, all things consider.   (I also point out that this score reflects only how often I’ve posted and does not take into account the quality– or lack thereof– of any of my posts,  nor does it consider how popular the posts were, how many comments each received, etc.)


3 comments on “217/276 or 78.6%

  1. I’m impressed that you kept at it – even after not achieving a “perfect record,” you kept at it. To me, that counts MORE than an A.

    I love that no matter how contentious “The Internet” may be, we’re surrounded by friends and kind strangers (who are really just potential friends) and insulated from most of the ugliness out there. I look at the comments on most of the major media sites, and I’m appalled. Even on our b*tchiest days, we’re not like that. I don’t think it’s true that the Internet brings out the mean in nice people. I think it brings out the mean in mean people, and lets them think they’re powerful – lets them think they can go back to work on Monday and pretend to be nice people. Truly nice people are nice even when they’re not using their real names, or any names at all. And we know a lot of them, Alan. We’re fortunate. Hang onto that when you hit the slumps.

    • Holly, there is an expression “don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good” that I find very helpful when thinking about social networking. And you are right of course, that we are very fortunate to have met so many great people who talk with us and share their ideas understanding and even (yes, I dare say it) love, in the comments. (The horrible hostility that you see on most main stream media comments sections is a big reason that I mostly prefer to mostly read blogs, rather than mainstream reporting.)

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