Eels iPhone 5s Vitriol

Usually,  I don’t like for my three word titles to include names.    At times I have gotten both product and place names in my suggestion box.   Sometimes I just don’t use these entries while other times I try to work around them a bit.    I have to confess that I’m kind of a tag whore.   I have a boat load of tags.   It’s not good SEO;   if I were trying to make this blog a successful site I would focus all of my articles around a handful of keywords and work to rank high for my most used keywords.  But honestly,  that wouldn’t be very much fun for me and as I’ve mentioned before having fun is my primary objective in blogging and social networking.    And I thought it would be a hoot,  to use these words that my friend Holly Jahangiri suggested,  and tag this post with the name of Apple’s latest best selling phone.  (If that tag is what drew you to this article, my apologies.   I don’t do phones.)

I was a bit surprised that very few pictures of eels turned up in my image search for these words.   Even more oddly,  not a single image of a phone turned up.  But when I came across the image at left,  on a blog post titled Chinese Successfully Test Penis Attack Eel,  I knew right away I would have to use this image,  if for no other reason than to be able to tag this post with the long tail keyword ‘penis attack eel’.    For someone like me who collects unusual tags,  this was just too good to pass up.   The thought of an eel,  which is already a bit icky to begin with,  being trained to infiltrate men’s penises is,  to me at least,  not something I care to contemplate long enough to write about it.

While I have heard from several readers who were a bit critical that sometimes these posts are not really about the selected words, or that I write,  as today,  a paragraph using each word rather than a cohesive post about all three words,  this criticism has never risen to the level of vitriol.   Frankly,  avoiding vitriol and anger is one of the main reasons I try so hard to avoid discussing politics online.   It’s just too easy to get oh so angry,  and I frankly don’t want to spend my time being pissed off.


33 comments on “Eels iPhone 5s Vitriol

  1. Very rarely for me, I am rendered speechless by the main image of your blog (not the one you picture, the one you also do not care to contemplate). So I have shared on G+, where I am sure there will be fellow lovers of language who will enjoy the unlikely but seamless association of images that you have produced, apparently without strain.
    For another three words, how about:
    scapula, pate and cordwainer?

    • Holly says the real problem with things like the eel thing, is that once seen they can not be UN-seen. (She actually got me to google and look at a picture of a “split penis”– yes it was every bit as icky as it sounds. Thanks so much for giving me three more words, none of which I hope will have any icky images associated.

    • (I have this vision of a huge herd of deer, stealthily swimming across Lake Michigan en route to the Windy City, Thanks so much, I’ve added these to my list.

  2. Well, I read the blog post – it’s propaganda and anti-propaganda gone wild. Or, I should put something we all understand – it’s discrimination and political incorrect. The man would be buried if he’s a journalist (or politician, public figure). No source cited (with verifiable link) and it’s all hearsay. Garbage, if I could say.

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