Instant Eggs Petunia

Yesterday I wrote with a bit of disdain about runny egg yolks.   But even with runny yolks,  it seems to me that fresh eggs would still be infinitely preferable to instant eggs,  or as they are more commonly called powdered eggs.  Powdered eggs are rather famously an example of horrible, nearly inedible foodstuffs,  though it seems as though these days they are mostly sold to survivalists– the sorts of folks who believe that doomsday is right around the corner and stock their basements with supplies to insure their families will be able to eat when society breaks down.    I did come across a blog post  (which of course I quite failed to bookmark) by a family that tried powdered eggs.    With varying amounts of Tabasco sauce they all managed to get their powdered eggs down,  but none of them actually liked them.  Honestly,  if it came down to having to eat powdered eggs to survive,  that might just be a sign to me that life was no longer worth living.

I suppose it may have been unfair to my friend Harold, who suggested today’s words, to have combined instant with eggs and come up with powdered eggs.   Although it may well have been simply irresistable to do so.    I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that what the word petunia brings first to my mind is not the popular garden flower,  but Harry Potter’s aunt.   I suppose at this juncture I should wax eloquent about how Ms. Rowlings’ novels have become such a universal cultural touchstone,  though I fear at the moment this would be quite, quite beyond me.    Some days it seems the witty remarks simply flow forth,  as though gushing from some deep spring.    And other days I look at the chosen words and can think of so very little to say.    On the other hand,  powdered eggs and petunias was probably never going to be one of my best posts anyway.


17 comments on “Instant Eggs Petunia

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  2. Ick. The petunias are to cheer you up while you’re ralphing the eggs, I think.

    “Projectile Organic Matter” which could also be about a “human cannonball” 🙂

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  4. Alan, you rugged survivalist, you – I ran across a post or two on Facebook this week that convinced me we were approaching the End of Days and no amount of Tabasco could make me prolong the agony with powdered eggs! In fact, I do believe I asked one friend to pour me a cup of hemlock last night… I’ve slept off the urge, but seriously. Eels. iPhone 5s. Vitriol. There – there’s your three words, Alan. Go for it. But for the love of God, don’t make soup out of it. That way lies madness.

    • I don’t usually like proper names, place names or trademarks, but I am thinking that having a post tagged iPhone 5 could well bring me a few visitors who would not ordinarily stray to this neck of the Internet woods. And I do promise NOT to try to make soup from a fancy new phone.

  5. I still say that powdered eggs and petunias could have yielded a colorful post about tempera paints and shades of spring in the fall. But that was Monday, when the world was still full of hope and promise, and the End Times were not upon us. Now the colors all run together… the petunias have been replaced by pansies and cockle burrs.

    • Thanks, Jena. After all these years of blogging I do have a pretty good idea of how to make money from a blog, if that were my objective. But honestly, I am having so much fun writing these little musings on reader-suggested sets of just three words that I don’t much want to spend the time and effort to create a money making blog.

  6. I prefer to invest in fresh foods for optimum nutritional content, but I can see the wisdom in storing some dried forms of dairy products for emergencies. I recently stocked some powdered milk and buttermilk. I have been debating the eggs. We have our own hens, but what if they were stolen or we had to eat them? We can’t have a roo, so we would be dependant on a hatchery for replacements. Without eggs our baking choices would be very limited. I just hate the thought of spending money on something that we wouldn’t use in our normal food rotation. It would be a waste, but also a form of security. I’m still thinking on this one.

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