Tomatoes Coffee Lettuce

Ok.   I have to say right up front that I find runny egg yolks incredibly disgusting.   I like scrambled eggs,  and I like hard boiled eggs.    I am not a big fan of fried eggs,  although if the yolks are set I may eat them.   I will confess that I sometimes quite enjoy a Sausage McMuffin from McDonald’s.  But despite the beautiful Orgeon lettuce and tomato (not to mention the bacon) on that wonderfully seedy bread,  I would not even think of eating the pictured sandwich with that nasty egg yolk oozing out of it.

Having been born and raised in New Orleans, my tastes in coffee are probably very different than most people’s.   While I am very flexible and will drink almost any coffee in a pinch,  what I really like the most is New Orleans’ style coffee and chicory.    As I type this I am drinking a bit of French Market coffee and chicory.   We can get one pound cans of this in our Safeway.   We usually prefer to order Community Coffee and Chicory.   The price is not bad at all,  especially if you sign up for auto-renewal and all of us in this house just love the coffee.   It definitely has a very strong flavor.   You’re most likely to enjoy coffee with chicory if you prefer darker, stronger roasts.  (Click either of those links to buy from Amazon.)

I have now made it through my eighth Xpendapalooza.  (Having typed that word a whole bunch of times on a whole bunch of shoutouts to new investors and old friends,  I decided this year expressly against using the bracketed  capital [X] at the beginning.  Honestly,  it would have been more typing than I was willing to do.   While I touch-type fairly well most of the time the bracket characters it seems will never be familiar to my fingers and it would have just been to much effort to have done all of the messages I did.   This Xpenda seemed to be low on new contacts  (indeed there were not near as many post in the newbies thread this time)  but was a wonderful experience for me with lots and lots of old friends stopping by to say hello.   It’s the people that I’ve met and continue to talk with,  even if only occasionally from time to time,  that are the real reward to me for the effort that I put into social networking.   And what a wonderful weekend to hear from so many old friends.


27 comments on “Tomatoes Coffee Lettuce

  1. I never knew you were from New Orleans. I share your aversion to runny yolks, although I don’t think I am as averse as you are. But I completely agree with you about that sandwich. XPendapalooza has left me broke, but my share price is up over 3 EAves, which is amazing. Has been fun but my bank is close to broken.

    Three words for inspiration: Chocolate War Naps

  2. I have great time being in Eav, drinking coffee and have fun with friends. Thanks for posting.
    Here are four words that you can ad to your next blog: word, reason, plan and logos.

    Thank you!

  3. Runny egg yolks rock dude 🙂 And you can’t beat a raw egg mixed into a vanilla milkshake, makes it slide down your throat nice and easy 🙂

    Right with you on the [X] but have you ever heard of copy & paste? !! Keep up the good work 🙂

    If you want three little words, try Banana Chicken Breasts.

  4. This was my first Xpendapalooza. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I suppose it seemed just mostly like any other day on the Avenue to me. (I like to invest in others including newbies regularly.)
    If only there were a mission restriction for low share price, I’m sure it would have been used substantially during this romp. Then more newbies would have had a chance to reap big rewards and participate in the spending spree.
    I’m ready for my Sunday morning egg sandwich now – runny yolks are okay by me.

  5. Alan, I would be more than happy to eat the sandwich pictured. But you could leave out the egg (and ideally add some more bacon) and I would be probably even happier with the result.

    I like “Banana Chicken Breasts”. Or maybe “Poached Zygote Nourishment”? 🙂

  6. Mr. Everything, I should have stopped here before I went on my first “pendapalooza” this weekend. I was so clueless to put the piece together with that [X]. So instead of typing Ependapalooza, I have been typing “Happy Pendapalooza!” everywhere I go. CLUELESS ;D! Thanks for educating me.

    • These days lots of folks are talking about Mr. E being in jail for over-staying his visa in an Asian country. and I am totally with you on the bracketed X being too darned much trouble 🙂

  7. Don’t inspect food, but digest them. On the other hand, I really like the mess I make when I cook meal – simple and healthy. Sure, there’re some ‘disgusting’ things running around next to my knife 🙂

  8. I knew it! With these three words there was going to be a pic with BACON! But then almost every search returns the ubiquitous bacon these days.

    Not sure I want a runny egg on a BLT (though I actually like over-easy eggs, yet rarely eat them anymore).

    As for your Cajun coffee, I can do without the bitter chicory.

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  10. I was working at our New Orleans office some years ago. My team decided to take me out to a typical NO evening. I arrived at the office the next morning in some pain. I headed to the office coffee where there were two pots. One marked leaded the other unleaded. Of course in desperate need of caffeine, I quickly filled my cup with leaded; then I caught a whiff of the concoction! I ran through the doors of the office to get outside for a bit of purging. I returned looking pretty green to the office much to the delight of all. I found that leaded meant chicory in NO. They seemed to have no idea that decaffeinated coffee even existed.

  11. I’m right there with you concerning runny yolks. When out for the occasional breakfast i’ll order “2 eggs, six feet under”. It usually brings a chuckle when dealing with new wait staff. It’s impossible to “over cook” an egg yolk in my eyes.
    It’s been a while since I’ve participated so I’ll leave you with


    Enjoy the remaining day.
    Bill and friends of Bewitched.

    • Ha ha ha. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of ordering eggs that way, but it is certainly colorful. Thanks so much for once again adding three more words to my list. Hope your new week is off to a good start, Bill.

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