Suitcase Toddler Shoes

Baby shoes from the Blue Eyed Freckle blog.

Forty-two.   Fans of the late, great Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy may recall that 42 was the answer to Life The Universe and Everything– although no one knew what the question was.     Today I was so pleased to count and find that I have 42 sets of three word suggestions from my readers.   I also noted that so far I’ve gotten  more than 3800 comments on this blog.    Some days I write but don’t do much to promote and feel a bit disappointed when not that many folks stop in to read.   Yet other days, I am just amazed at all of my friends and followers who stop by to comment,  often leaving me Just Three Words.    And just FYI,  I do not own 42 pairs of shoes.   I really only have two pair that I wear regularly and maybe a few more tucked away in the bed room that I haven’t worn in years.

I notice that I have gotten myself back into the habit of posting to this blog every day.   I counted up and find that so far this year I have blogged on 209 out of 264 days.  I have kept my blog every day resolution just over 79% of the time.    I’d like to hope that I might be able to raise that percentage a bit over the remaining months of this year,   yet I know in my heart that there will be other times when for whatever reason I just can’t post.   And I resolve not to worry about that.    I am really not very good with toddlers.   Their speaking and language skills are often not that great and I most always struggle to communicate with the small children.     I vaguely remember that once upon a time I was a precocious toddler,  starting school at age 4 and accompanying my parents to restaurants.   (In my native New Orleans,  dining out is practically a civic duty and back then, as now,  New Orleans was a brimming cornucopia of amazing food.    Perhaps that is why I so often return to food in these pages.)

I feel very fortunate that I have been able to do rather a lot of traveling in my life.   I have been all over the United States,  and while I have not been to every state,  I have been to most of the regions and know that in terms of geography and climate these United States are an absolutely amazingly diverse place.   For a time I was enrolled in a frequent flyer program and greatly enjoyed being a part of the jet set,  periodically flying to some distant city to visit friends and relatives or to explore new places.    After 9/11  the airport check-in and security process progressively became more and more intrusive until it got so bad that I flatly refuse to fly these days.    Somewhere I have a compact rolling bag that (used to at least) qualify as a carry on.    It was a great suitcase,  that Joel got for me with his employee discount,  back when he worked at London Fog.

I know that my friend Holly would tell me that I did not do near so good a job today at making this post cohesively about the words my friend Michelle suggested.    I’ve also gone over my usual word limit.   Who was it who apologized for writing such a long letter,  and regretted he lacked the time to make it shorter?   That’s me today, I’m afraid.    Here’s hoping it’s a great weekend in your world.



4 comments on “Suitcase Toddler Shoes

  1. Alan, the memory of those 3 words, I must share. My daughter was a toddler when she climbed into the suitcase that I was packing to take us to Oklahoma so my parents and her Great Grandmother could see her for Christmas. Her Great Grandmother had not seen her since she had been born. I had a pair of shoes next to the suit case to put into the suitcase to take with me. She climbed out of the suitcase and put her feet into them and started walking around the room in them. It was the funniest scene to see this little 13 month old in her Mom’s shoes walking around the room.
    Thank you for using my 3 words and helping me relive that wonderful moment of my daughter’s life.

    • mmm Your story brings back memories of flying with my Mom to visit her family in Alabama when I was toddler. I remember it was so exciting to fly and those trips now are such wonderful (if a bit vague) memories. Thanks so much for supplying today’s words.

    • mmmm. I don’t usually accept proper names.. Marvin comes from the Welsh Myrddyn which means a coastal tower or fort. So I will take these words, with the proviso that I will write about a lighthouse rather than Marvin Gaye 🙂

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