Magnanimous, Grotesque, Confrontation

I kind of wonder if Google just knows me too well or something.     I hardly expected to be confronted with food in my image search for today’s words.   There was a picture of a painting of a lady the artist described as grotesquely fat,  as well as a truly hideous shot of really ugly brightly colored carpet,  purportedly from a Las Vegas casino floor.   Perhaps it was magnanimous of me to choose instead this skillet full of onions, celery and mushrooms which Roberta used in a bacon spam omelet.  (Or perhaps that should be a bacon-flavored SPAM omelet.)  But how can I confront spam?

I remember years ago when my late huzband Joel and I visited Hawaii–  where SPAM is very popular– I ate “SPAM musubi”.    It looked like sushi with the green sea weed wrapper and the middle of sticky rice,  but rather than raw fish it was wrapped around a piece of fried SPAM.   I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I quite liked it.  Other times I have been much less than thrilled to be served SPAM.   You can visit that link to read about a previous musing I wrote on this topic.   Given that almost no one ever thinks of himself as a spammer,  but many message recipients feel that they have received spam,  confronting spam is never easy.

I certainly suppose that one could argue that spam communications are grotesque.   They can certainly be a pain in the neck if one is trying to use something like e-mail.    And I do know from experience what a challenge it can be to respond magnanimously to a spammer,  whose very message is by definition one of confrontation.   When I was a young boy,  I somehow thought that I would grow up one day to be wise.   But today,  I feel only old and find that I often am still asking questions which I can not answer.    And the only thing I’m certain of is that I would really like to eat Roberta’s omelet.   (And that this will not happen today.)

My thanks to Teri Gidwitz for suggesting today’s words.


10 comments on “Magnanimous, Grotesque, Confrontation

  1. If this is your effort at – what was it you said? – a more cohesive post using the three words? I like it. It flows better. And I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you say that a spammer’s message is “by definition one of confrontation.” That is exactly why they are so annoying – it feels a bit like doing battle, but not with a particularly worthy adversary. It’s just like swatting mosquitoes.

    And you’re right – SPAM can be delicious. That much-maligned meat lacks one thing, straight out of the can: imagination.

    Well, that and any redeeming nutritional value, but that’s never stopped us eating any other tasty foodstuffs, has it?

  2. Holly, I did try to keep in my the more cohesive goal as I wrote this, though honestly, I was mostly a bit tired and really just struggle to keep banging it out until it was done. I’ve heard writers say that they have to write to find out what story they are telling and that is often very true for me. I take the words and find a picture and then just kind of run with it, often returning to my own ideas and themes. (And nutritional value is all well and good but sometimes we eat stuff just because it is tasty. That’s part of being human, I tend to think.)

  3. I’m with Holly on the imagination thing wrt SPAM. Now I want to make something really good and “blind taste test ambush” someone with it… I’ll keep you posted!

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  5. Spam was what we had for school lunches (now called ‘dinners’ in England, but I refuse to dignify the messes of pottage served up to us with that name). It was best straight from the tin, because then we could cover it in chutney and take the taste away. But when the cook was feeling particularly adventurous she would turn her hand to spam fritters – and they were irredeemable.

    • I tend to be most suspicious of fritters of any sort since it’s rather a classic way to use up leftovers which would otherwise be unpalatable and go to waste. Sadly, a fritter batter does not make the unpalatable any less so 😦

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