Mold Bacon Flatulence

So you probably notice that today’s picture does not depict any form of bacon.    I did find a blogged bacon pic in the image search results for these words but in the end decided to go with these gorgeous berries,  which one writer recommends you rinse in vinegar to ward off any mold.    What the word mold brings to mind is not food,  but walls.  I find myself remembering after hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans,  seeing many, many pictures of walls covered with festering mold.    Disgusting,  yet oddly beautiful at the same time.

It is strange to me to be considering something as disgusting as mold and as ordinary as flatulence in the same post with my much beloved bacon.  (For the record I don’t usually find flatulence particularly troubling,  unless there is a strong odor.   Frankly,  farting just isn’t in the same league with the evil of mold to me.   Though come to think of it,  mold is essential to the cheese-making process.  So mold, in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing.)

It is not easy to wax lyrical about the many wonders of bacon– from straight out next to a couple of scrambled eggs or tucked into a delicious BLT sandwich or as one of the most useful additional ingredients any dish from beans to stew ever encountered,  knowing full well that we haven’t any bacon in the house and chances are I won’t be able to buy any for at least a couple of weeks.   While some food prices seem to have come down a bit,  bacon seems to be more and more expensive lately.   Which is unfortunate,  since bacon really is such a tasty and versatile food.   Honestly,  I’ve even had vegetarian friends say nice things about bacon on Facebook,  where any mention of bacon is certain to garner lots and lots of likes.    And if any of you would like to fax me a bacon sandwich,  I would certainly be grateful.

And finally today my sincerest thanks to Allen Wagner,  who suggested today’s words.



29 comments on “Mold Bacon Flatulence

    • LMAO. Thanks so much, Doug. I am a fan of alliteration and invite you and any of my other readers to suggest three words that begin with the same letter. It might be fun to take on that extra challenge one day.

  1. Tweeted and G+ shared, I would not be surprised if you got an unusual number of page views… bacon does that to people. And I guess flatulence does it for some others, so a few extra for that. I don’t know of too many mold lovers (though cheese, as you point out, is a good reason not to wish for a mold-free world).

    You might want to keep pumping the pageviews… how about “Bacon Cheese Burger”. Lose a few Hindus perhaps, but lots of burned cow lovers might stop by.

    • My page views have been going down every month since March, and I don’t really know why. I am hoping when I re-release my book I will be able to get more visitors and page views from all I do to promote the book.

    • Well, I hope you liked it. The post illustration is always chosen from the image search result for the day’s title and is most always an image linked back to another or Blogspot blog.

  2. I would not have thought you could weave mold, and bacon together the way you did and then farts, but then why am I not surprised, you are a word smith after all. I am not surprised how you bring these together. Yes, I love bacon, but watch the fat content due to (heart disease issues in my family)

    • Well, there is no arguing that bacon is not a healthy food, though I think most people can enjoy it in moderation. (Sadly, moderation is not always a strong suit for me 😦

    • Dan, years and years ago when I was on Compu$erve we used to have live chats once a week. Folks were always uploading coffee and other goodies, and somehow it made sense, even though it was only text chat on a very plain screen. So glad you enjoyed this one.

    • Oh, that does sound as though Santa favored you that year. I believe the “bacon sammy” that I’m displaying in the background image today has _at least_ a pound of bacon on it. MMMMMMM. Bacon!

  3. Unlike you, Alan, I am a greater fan of mo[u]ld than flatulence. Mould is not just essential for cheese, we would not have antibiotics without Louis Pasteur finding mould (on some bread? not sure). As I have spent a lot of my life in India and Africa, I do not think I would have reached adulthood without penicillin. so I say ‘hooray for mould!’ And in my childhood, we didn’t get bacon in these places, so it was a rare treat on our visits home. Now I am never without some in the fridge…

    • You make an excellent point, Laura, about the roll that mold plays in medicine as well as cheese. Focusing on the mold-covered walls of all those ruined houses it was easy for me to veer of into hyperbole about the evils of mold, quite forgetting that mold is also at times utterly critical to use human critters.

    • I don’t know Allen well, but I welcome any and all readers to leave a comment with just three (random, please) words and I will do my darndest to make them into a blog post.

  4. Alan, one thing you can be certain of on the internet is a near obsession with bacon. The merest mention of bacon on social media will result in monumental levels of retweets, likes, and pluses, and that is only the beginning. There seems to be a mass global conspiracy on behalf of bacon to rule, in the manner of the One Ring. Who knew?

    • The weaved bacon, baked and topped with melted cheddar and rolled into a log that I linked to in the first sentence– slices from that log might indeed be the One Ring. (thinking that I need to watch the LOTR movies again sometime soonish)

  5. Alan I am a big fan of bacon. I am convinced that you should reward yourself for this very excellent post with a bit of bacon this week. I recommend a BLT sandwich with avocado slices. I additionally recommend avoiding most of the mold and flatulence; particularly while you are enjoying your bacon.

    • My BLT will have to wait until I get paid next month. But I’m seriously thinking of checking around and finding the lowest local price and buying four or five packages and freezing several of them. Home Simpson had his emergency ham. Ron and I will have emergency bacon in the freezer to get us through those tough times 🙂

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