Mercurial Stoic Nostalgia

I have to admit that on first thought I found it hard to contemplate a stoic nostalgia.   The very essence of stoicism,  soldiering on and refusing to show pain even when it hurts like hell seems to me almost the antithesis of a bright nostalgia,  taking real joy in remembering things as they used to be.    My thinking of course can be as mercurial as anyone’s.    And when I thought about it,   I have to acknowledge that masochists experience orgasmic joy in receiving pain.   Could a stoic nostalgia be a kind of masochist’s hymn?  Or perhaps one could recall with nostalgia a time when one’s stoicism enabled one to complete some challenge and achieve some success?   My thinking is perhaps too mercurial for me to quite tie down a coherent thought about these words.

I think I have today completed work on the next edition of Walking Down The Avenue.  Proof-reading inevitably will cause me to make corrections and changes,  but I am definitely getting on towards being ready to send the manuscript off to the copy editor and inching towards the time when I will be ready to release it.   If you are on Empire Avenue and have a blog,  I would love to provide you with a review copy.    Just let me know in a comment or by private message.   I will send you a 100% off coupon so you can get the book as soon as it is released and publish a review of the book on your blog.    It is still bright and sunny, though thankfully still cool and pleasant here in the Northwest.   But as I look at the evening sun growing dimmer I am reminded that the productive fall season is upon us an I am really looking forward to re-releasing the newest edition of the book.    Here’s hoping it’s a good weekend in your world,  and as always I urge you to leave me a comment with Just Three Words that I can make into a future blog post.      And finally today,  my thanks to Sia who suggested today’s words.


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