Bat Flower Moon

A bat flower– from The Goth Garden Guide on The Everyday Goth blog.

Goth saved me.    When I first contemplated today’s words I had assumed I would have to begin by associating bats with the phrase ‘bats in the belfry’.   I was less than thrilled,  trying to figure out if that rather old-fashioned phrase should be construed as meaning stone, cold crazy or just a bit batty.   However when I did the image search I was amazed to come across several pictures of  “bat flowers”,  including the one at right in scary solid black.   This flower does bear a striking resemblance to a bat,  and the twelve long thorns protruding in front definitely have a….spooky effect in my opinion.    I suspect coming across that flower unexpectedly in the light of the moon would frighten more than a few people.

I have been slacking for several days in my blogging and social networking activity.   It did finally catch up with my Empire Avenue share price– which dipped about ten cents yesterday morning.   No big thing.    I found myself realizing today that I really am doing this blogging and social networking just for fun,  and if some days the most fun idea seems to be not to bother with it,  that’s okay.    I tend to think that having fun with it whenever you do it is the surest way to last for years and years and not just burn out.    I am also realizing that when you are not feeling great it is better to go ahead and write a post that talks about not feeling so great,  rather than trying to wait until you feel better to post.    I realize that these two thoughts are somewhat contradictory.   What can I say,  I’m a Gemini.   Here’s hoping that it’s been a great week in your world,  and as always I would be eternally grateful if you could leave me just three words as a comment.      Please,  not the keywords for your blog or some three word phrase.   Just three (random) words.     I am so thrilled with all of the responses I received to my last couple of posts.    I now have thirty drafts to work from,  so am not feeling any urgency about it.   Yet I can’t resist continuing to ask for more.


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