Bunnies Birds Fish

Honestly,  it was enough to make me question just how good Google really is.    My image search for “bunnies birds fish”  brought up page after page after page…of pictures of dogs.   It’s hard for me to believe that the supposedly oh so brilliant search engine can not distinguish between these common animal types.   It tends to make me question the veracity of results where it is not so obvious that a mistake was made.  (For instance could you offhand distinguish a picture of Grover Cleveland from one of, say, John Flammang Schrank?   Are you sure?)   I sometimes worry that we are becoming a world where most people believe anything that Google tells them,  the actual facts be damned.

The word bunny inevitably makes me think of Easter.   I find myself remembering trips with my mother–  travelling from New Orleans to Birmingham by plane to visit her relatives in Pinson, Alabama– where she was born and raised.    In those days the plane made two stops en route and I remember how amazing it felt to take off and land again and again.   I remember how mom always brought along a case of Russel Stover Gold Brick eggs.   I can almost taste those chocolate pecan confections as I type this.

These days when I think of birds,  it is my friend Wayne Hurlbert who first comes to mind.   Wayne frequently posts to Facebook wonderful pictures of different birds,   always identified correctly.   I find I quite enjoy learning just a bit about various birds from looking at those pictures.    Fish, by contrast,  bring up two distinctly different memories for me.    As food,  fish have always been an important part of my diet.   Somehow I remember my father,  dabbing catfish fillets with yellow mustard and sauce piquant before rolling them in corn meal and frying them up crisp.   Again,  I can almost taste this dish as I type out the words.   The other fish memory I associate with my late father has to do with the aquarium kind of fish.    When I was thirteen years old,  my parents gave me an aquarium for my birthday.    My dad really got into keeping fish and over the course of a year or two we ended up with several dozen fish tanks– scattered throughout the house and especially in the garage where daddy constructed a huge case that held about ten very large tanks.      I remember my mother grousing one Friday evening when my father was feeding raw shrimp to his oscars while we were dining on cheap ground meat.   It really is odd,  the things that you remember and the memories that different words call to mind.

And finally today,  my thanks to Catherine Donnelly who suggested today’s three words.   And an aside to Catherine–  you might change your blog to allow folks to comment without authenticating an ID.    I tried to leave a comment but it wouldn’t let me sign in with WordPress and I got frustrated and wandered away.


30 comments on “Bunnies Birds Fish

  1. Great article !! I do agree with Catherine “you might change your blog to allow folks to comment without authenticating an ID”

  2. Alan, I always enjoy your three words and how you tie them together. Fish bring up memories of my father and going fishing with him on the many lakes in Oklahoma, and hours upon hours we tried to catch fish. It wasn’t until I was a young adult that I was living in Houston and I invited him to the pier off Galveston that he caught two and three at a time, that I truly saw my Dad enjoy fishing. Oh that was a wonderful day. My dad loved Catfish as well fried and any time he could find it we would stop and get it at a restaurant in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, when we were traveling.

    Bunnies we raised the biggest one in our back yard. It must have been 3 feet long, and was big and white. My dad was a country boy from a farm in Custer, Oklahoma, so he knew all of those wonderful tips., My daughter had many when she was little, yes in our back yard in Oklahoma until we moved to California. I wanted her to have the same type of experiences I did.

    Birds, my dad could identify most every bird that landed in our back yard or front yard and we bought bird seed to feed them every winter. I grew up with a rich heritage, and in the Girl Scouts with native Cherokee leaders who added to my knowledge of native birds and their identification. I love the earth because of my parents and what they taught me and my native Cherokee and Choctaw leaders in Girl Scouting. I will forever treasure my heritage.

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  4. This is an interesting perspective on SEO engagement. What I have discovered is how easy porn slips through the cracks, I once typed in Bretz, looking for business connections, got pages of porn, go figure.

    • mmm. Honestly I’ve no idea just what you were looking for when you searched Bretz, but I do know how porn can pop up in the most unlikely places. As for SEO– I pay almost no attention to it on this site. I write for myself and for human readers. If the search engines like me too, so much the better 🙂

  5. The comment of believing what the internet presents reminds me of a current commercial in which she says everything on the internet is accurate. As for memories, I was cracking an egg on the side of a pan this morning. The sound of the egg on the metal pan brought to mind a memory of my grandma making breakfast.

  6. The main thing these three share in common is that I might make a meal of them as i’m a non veg/vegan chef. The only odd one out is the fish as I haven,t run over one, Yet.

  7. It’s funny that so many images of dogs showed up. I’m not surprised you didn’t get appropriate results, though. Searching for three common and similar words will turn up a bunch of items that were tagged with all three of them. Often such tags are by sites that have many images to peruse. They are not necessarily leading you to the appropriate one, but hoping you’ll visit and maybe even buy something. It’s all about the hash tags that have been associated with the images.

    • yep. I do understand how tagging pictures makes them search results for those terms. But how useless to get pages and pages of canines when one specifically requested something else. #fail

  8. What did I enjoy the most? The questioning of Google. That is a bell not rung often enough. Great premise for a novel actually: Someone can manipulate google results…hmmm…

  9. I miss having big tanks of tropical fish. Just doesn’t work for me these days, but I look forward to when I can set them up again. So beautiful and peaceful to see the fish swimming along…they were the ultimate indoor relaxation therapy.

    I think of bunnies and blood because I raised rabbits as a kid. Seemed like every time I had to pick one up, he would scratch my arm. I would rather hold a mean cat or dog; than a rabbit determined to to be left alone.

    I love the idea of birds in abstraction. They are so shiny and pretty as long as someone else has to deal with them later. When I spend the night with someone who has birds, I am always amazed by the late night noise.

    • Keeping tropical fish in aquariums is very labor intensive. You really have to work at keeping the tanks clean and the water just right. My father was retired an in need of a hobby. At length he gave all of the tanks and most of the equipment away and just stopped. I do not keep a fish tank myself these days 🙂

    • LOL. I just tried it myself and this post is now the number one result for those three words. (laughingly wondering how many folks will search on that long tail keyword)

  10. Hi Alan
    I’m allways fascinated about life of some people I admire. Where do they find ideas, time, energy to write different blogs, to live active life with their family, their spouse, their hobby’s, have energy and time to have fantastic lifestyle, to make business and still and not last some time to have rest and sleep. Sometimes I have feeling, that people I met on internet, are not really people. That they are complete and wide society under one name.

    I’d like to be so effetive, live fantastic lifestyle, helping living people and those who I don’t know if they are realy alive – in the internet. Anyhow I don’t do very much even when I’m trying so for many years.

    So. You are one I admire, yet I’m not sure if you’re really alive.

    Thank you.

    Vojko J. Kalan

    • Hey Vojko,

      Thank you so much for such a kind and thoughtful comment. Many, many years ago when I first got online, I made a whole bunch of friends in a “forum” on Compu$erve. Over the years I met so many of those folks at parties and get togethers in different cities. It can be so easy online to forget that most of the time we are dealing with other people who are, in fundamental ways, very much like ourselves. What gives these exchanges value, I do believe, is that we are real people talking with each other.

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