Luciferous Lattitudinous Logolepsy

Yikes.   I do think that Vince Periello,  who suggested today’s words,  chose to give me a graduate level assignment.   These are I believe some of if not the hardest words I’ve ever been assigned.   Luciferous struck me as the sort of word one might use for remarking on lascivious characters from days gone by.   Yet when I looked it up I discovered it merely means bringing light or insight.    Rather a quality I would like to incorporate into these posts,  to whatever extent that I can.

Latitudinous is a much more obscure word.   The folks at Merriam Webster claim that it is not a word,   although The Free Dictionary  defines it as “having latitude, or wide extent.”   Honestly,  I’d be hard pressed to use it in a sentence that did not seem ridiculous.

Logolepsy, it develops, is actually something I am afflicted with it turns out.   Logolepsy means  “an obsession with words”.    I regret that this afternoon I simply could not bring myself to do more than define these three very obscure words.   Most days I try to write three coherent paragraphs that talk about the day’s three words.   Sometimes they are just three paragraphs,  connected only by their proximity.    But other times I manage to pull together the three words into a coherent contemplation of something or other.   Those are the days when I am at my best.

All of the words that I use in these Just Three Words post are suggested by my readers and I am today, once again,  asking,  nee begging,  YOU my dear reader to leave me a comment with just three words that I can use to make a blog post.    Please don’t leave me the top three keywords for your web site,  nor some clever three word phrase,  even if it expresses some great idea you are enamored of.   For me the charm of this exercise is in taking three random words and making them into a blog post.   (If you want a blog post about your favorite idea or phrase,  by all means write one.   And leave the link in your comment and I will be sure to visit your site and read all about it!)     My sincerest thanks to each and every one of you who suggests Just Three Words.


20 comments on “Luciferous Lattitudinous Logolepsy

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  2. My sincerest thanks to each and every one of you who left three words. I will be going through these comments and creating draft posts with your words and will be sure to give you a thanks and a link when I use them.

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