Sacrifice Determination Fulfilment

Sometimes,  it seems to me,  nothing less than the hand of providence gets involved in bringing about these three word blog posts.   While I could claim that yesterday I sacrificed posting to this blog in order to run an errand.    And I did indeed spend yesterday afternoon driving back and forth, making my regular monthly run to a certain discount store.   But surely had my determination to fulfill my pledge to blog here every day been more steadfast and true,   I would not have allowed returning home feeling worn out and run over to have stopped me from writing something.

On the other hand,  I really have found over the years that one’s determination not withstanding there really are times when words seem to simply spring to mind and flow through the fingers and onto the screen as rapidly and easily as the mighty Mississippi river at times gushes its path down this continent’s middle,  while at other times each and every word must be painfully and slowly summoned,  as recalcitrant and elusive as a mirage in the desert.    And this Wednesday morning,  I definitely do feel blessed to have words flowing from, as it were, the tip of my tongue,  just as yesterday afternoon I simply couldn’t seem to write much of anything.

Though Lord knows I tried.   My determination really was on display as I worked and worked to weave together sentences and tried so hard to pad them into paragraphs.    I never did get very far with it.   And confronting those laboriously and tortured phrases this morning,  I seemed still to struggle with how to tie up my points,  work in today’s words and bring the post to a close.   And then I hit save.    And got a WordPress error.   And had to log in again.   Only to find nothing at all of any of what I had typed yesterday.   Faced with a blank compose screen,  I reflected for just a moment,  then put my fingers to the keys.  Et voila I am merrily typing away this post,  seemingly with all of the assurance of the sun,  which is shining brightly outside,  even though the air is cool and there is a lovely breeze.   So my advice to you this hump day is to eat, drink and be merry when you can.   And be alert to catch those zephyrs that will blow through from time to time to pull you effortlessly through a path of productivity.    My thanks to Charles Slang  who suggested today’s words.


24 comments on “Sacrifice Determination Fulfilment

  1. The joy of posts that write themselves almost as if by the legendary automatic writing is something to behold and rejoice. That moment of pain and instant panic, when a post somehow disappears into the ether, is the exact opposite sensation. You successfully revived the feeling of bliss when you posted another of your triple word essays, and defied the post stealing gremlins and their ways of trickery.

    • Thanks so much for your comments, Wayne. Indeed the day after I posted this I ended up sleeping all day and not posting, then the following day I really struggled to throw together three hundred and seventy-six words. You definitely need to enjoy the verbose spells when they come along.

    • Thanks, Craig. I think magic is as good a word as any to describe that effortless process when the words just flow. (Lord knows it doesn’t happen every time— what a joyous profession writing would be if it did.)

  2. I tried when I was young and I knew that if I could keep doing any one thing for three months then I could form my habit year after year. That’s when there’s no internet and diary was the only option before midnight. Yet, I lost it when I moved across continents.

    • Nicolas, I tend to think that most of us, if we really gave it our all could do most Anything consistently for three months. The long haul….is a lot longer than that 🙂

    • I know what you mean. Most of the time I do produce reasonably good copy, but I do not have a proofreader for this blog and sometimes I do make mistakes. (A careful reader of the first paragraph of this post could point out a whopper 🙂 I do try to proofread and I often correct minor errors after publishing. But when I have a huge sentence fragment with an unanswered opening clause as the first sentence…..I feel as though I can’t go back and fix it and have to somehow live it down 😦

  3. Catch the zephyrs – what an appealing image – I think I am going to do a needlepoint cushion with that as an injunction! It interests me that the two metaphors that people reach for to describe, on the one hand writers’ block and, on the other, the wonderful moments when the thoughts flow too fast for the typing fingers to keep up. These are the flow of air and the flow of water – exhilarating when they are gushing or rushing, acceptable when they are whispering or trickling, but the bane of our lives when they are stagnant or frozen. I enjoy with you that your inspiration is currently in free flow!

    • What a lovely trio of similes, Laura. And you are certainly right of course. Some days I fear that every session of free flow necessarily has some corresponding session of frozen solid. Other days I’m more optimistic than that 🙂

  4. And here I’ve been craving lobster for months… I can’t tell you (because my words fail these days!) how much I appreciated this post. I can relate too well lately. So when those magic moments flow, what a wealth of treasure. I’ve not bothered to submit to daily writing and have a whole world of excuses the likes of which many more-determined have ignored and plowed through. Keep on keepin’ on… great post!

    • It is oh so easy to start a blog. Publishing posts on a regular schedule and keeping it up over months and years… not so easy at all 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Ruth.

    • mmm. That is the true artiste’s approach, Tom. (Though it is definitely not a realistic approach for a free lance writer. A freelancer who does not meet deadlines will not get much work.)

  5. I made a sacrifice to come here and read this today. It took pure determination to do so, and here I am. I agree with what you said as I too have found fulfillment in putting my thoughts into the written word. 🙂

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  7. After I wrote a small piece for a too happy recipient, she asked, “Don’t you just love to write.” My reply was, “It feels so good when it quits hurting.” I really like ‘having written’ much more than I ‘like writing.’

  8. well as Paul told the Corinthians – “I fought wild beasts in Ephesus and what did I gain? Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.” … and while Paul did not specifically mention “being merry” during the feasting, I think it was implied! (-;

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