Tiger Business Moon

September definitely seems like the time to get back to business.    I am continuing to go through my shareholders list and follow folks on Twitter.   I’ve been pleased that I am getting followed back fairly quickly.  Who knows how long it may take to get back to where I’d been on my old account, but progress is always nice.

Yesterday Ron and I treated ourselves to Popeye’s.   Their shrimp po boys– while not exactly like what you would get in New Orleans– are absolutely scrumptious and the fried chicken is so, so good.   Short of actually travelling to the Crescent City to eat for a week,  Popeye’s is definitely one of this New Orleans boy’s favorite dinners.

I have been surprised that my Empire Avenue share price continues to go up, up, up every single day.   I am almost back up to 151/share,  and if the trend continues I will soon be to a price higher than I was before I took some time off and had my fall.  I am firmly resolved that this week I will begin working on revising Walking Down The Avenue.   I am thinking that I am going to recommend that most players start out by accumulating wealth so as to be able to use Empire Avenue missions to guide social activity and build their followings across the various networks.

I suppose it could be argued that that last paragraph discusses a bit about the business of using Empire Avenue as a social network,  though I would be the first to admit this argument would be a bit strained. I thought about including an aside about having once been a tiger– the years I matriculated at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge,  but at the moment I can not think of a single shareable anecdote from the years I spent on that campus.    When the blue moon came the other night,  I thought about the reference to the blue moon in one of my friend Susan Wells Bennett‘s  Brass Monkey novels.   But mentioning Susan primarily serves to remind me that I never did get around to writing reviews of most of her novels on my book review site,  which I have quite neglected for ages now.  (Adding that as yet another item on my ever expanding fall agenda.)

Here’s hoping it’s been a nice Labor Day weekend in your world.   And finally today,  my thanks to  Wayne Hurlbert  who suggested today’s words.


33 comments on “Tiger Business Moon

  1. An interesting point about accumulating wealth. For me, using wealth to invest in high yielding players allows even greater wealth creation. This, then allows me to run missions. I guess a happy medium needs to be found!

    • Well, Chris, the answer to most any and every question about Empire Avenue ends up being based on the answer to “What are YOUR goals?” Wealth can be useful in pursuing a number of different goals, and of course some players are primarily looking to accumulate wealth for it’s own sake. I think the key thing is be clear in your own mind what your goals are.

  2. Well, I misread the three words for starters and thought I was going to read about a Tiger Business Man (sort of Life of Pi?). Having got over that disappointment, I am completely floored by your mollusc. Evidently edible (although I am very picky about shellfish), I am trying to decide what your picture illustrates. Is it a whelk? Is there some Limey version, or is it native only to American shores? Puzzling, very puzzling.

    Now thinking of blue moons, I am wondering whether the idea that the moon is made of blue cheese has anything to do with blue moons? Perhaps we shall never know.

    And finally, and of course most importantly, I must add my name to the list of your importunate fans who are waiting for some advice on Walking Down the Avenue….

    • I love most all shellfish. I mean what could be better than yet another excuse to consume inordinate amounts of garlic butter 🙂 My thought about blue moons actually relates to Susan’s novel 🙂 (I will be sure to let you know when I release the next updated version of Walking)

    • If you can spare $20, I agree it would be great to support EAv. But I have to say, being retired on disability, I just don’t have any cash to spare to support a good company.

  3. Alan I had no idea they had Popeye’s up there in Yankee land! It is my favorite fast food chicken also.

    Building wealth was DD’s suggestion to me about where to focus my EAv attention. I have noticed that having eaves makes the game much more fun.

    • Harold, I live in the Pacific Northwest (about 40 miles south of Seattle). I’ve never heard this part of the world referred to be before as ‘up there in Yankeeland’. LOL.

  4. Alan, your new and updated edition of Walking Down The Avenue, with the inclusion of new ideas and strategies involving missions, will be a fantastic addition to the game knowledge base. In particular, you can provide a real service to new players who are not given much guidance by the game itself; and to act as an antidote to the large amounts of misinformation that surround the game as well.

    • Thanks, Wayne. I know that as always my book will be competing against the self-appointed gurus who are always so ready to spread mis-information to the masses. But I perservere 🙂

  5. Looks like taking time away from the Ave has a big effect. Would a vacation buy have preserved the original price? I’ve wondered if that’s a safety net or if it means that anything you do is somewhat frozen. Cheers to Popeye’s!

    • I have always found throughout my experience in social networking that taking time off does not hurt anything. While you most always go down while you are away, there is inevitably a positive rebound effect when you come back.

  6. Our Popeye’s closed up shop here, and our Kentucky Frieds are slowly disappearing. I hope Popeye’s takes another look at the market.
    You’ll be back to the old numbers quickly. You are engaging, a colorful writer, and shares are a great value..
    Hope you and Ron get to enjoy the remainder of the holiday weekend,

    Bill and friends of Bewitched.

    • We have a Church’s fried chicken right nearby. It is a little bit cheaper than Popeye’s and a bit more convenient. But every now and then, it seems to us worth it to drive a few miles and treat ourselves to Popeye’s, which really is inimitable among ast food restaurants.

  7. I’m trying again, computer issues, I have found that engagement is key to increase dividends. I have tried to increase my Google circle engagement, twitter, and facebook and blog posts. to increase my dividends. Sometimes it works as well as missions. It is a complex mix.

    • Michelle, I agree that real engagement is key. I tend to think that most of the time engagement is really simply just about communicating one to one with other people.

  8. Being able to generate REAL likes and REAL social media interaction is about to become a lot more valuable. With Facebook cracking down on fake likes, people will soon be scrambling to figure out how to drive real engagement – the REAL dawn of the value of EA is upon us.

    I’m happy your score is on the rise and that you’ll be more active soon, since I’m heavily invested in you…


    • It will be interesting to see how much FB is able to rid themselves of fake engagement. I’d love to believe you are right that real engagement is about to become so much more valuable, but let’s just say that everything I’ve seen of FB so far leaves me more than a little dubious of that.

  9. Thanks to share interesting article as always !! Glad to know that your share is going up everyday !! Hope my dividends also will be getting more or more !!

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