Intense Intangible Interesting

So I’m starting over with a brand new Twitter account.  I’ve been on Twitter for three years or so now, and had never had any problem.   When I put #definethis on hiatus for the summer I ended up using Twitter a bit less.   And then I started getting prompted to reset my password,  both on Twitter itself and in Tweetdeck.   And after a time I could change the password, but it still would not let me in,  prompting me to change it.    Finally in frustration I just gave up and started a new Twitter account @libdrone2.   If we’ve been connected on Twitter,  please follow me at this new handle.    I will be sure to follow you back as soon as I can.

My annoyance with this little Twitter catastrophe could be described as intense, certainly.     I had over all those years accumulated 1300 or so followers and I fear it will take me quite some time to get back to that level.  (Thinking I may have to start participating in Twitter chats again to regain my following.)   I am going through my Empire Avenue shareholders list  (a page at a time)  and following any folks I recall being connected with on Twitter.  But I have more than 1200 shareholders and this will take time.   And frankly going through a list and then clicking through to their Twitter pages and then following them is not a very interesting way to spend a weekend.

It seems to me that social media is an entirely intangible undertaking.   Everything from content to comments to feedback is ultimately nothing but bits of ones and zeroes floating around on various computer systems.     That our online lives can be so rich, full and compelling  (mine is to me at any rate) despite the genuinely intangible nature of cyberspace seems to me a sort of proof of what clever (if at times crazy) creatures we humans are.   And finally today,  a plea–  please, please pretty please leave me a comment with three words that I can turn into a future post.    I’m down to my last dozen or so suggestions so I very much want more.


9 comments on “Intense Intangible Interesting

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  2. Twitter certainly has its frustrations, I will endeavour to locate your new handle and follow you with my more libertarian, social account, not my politically incorrect or equine oriented personas.

    I intended to include 3 words for you in the comment, but I think I have found 4 that you have not yet used. As it is a long weekend I will leave it to you to choose.

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