Universe Oneness Mindset

Yesterday my friend Charles Slang left a comment suggesting/requesting that these three word posts be a bit more integrated.  That is to say a post about three words rather than three discrete paragraphs each about a distinct word which are not really connected to each other in any real way,  other than proximity on the page.    I know that consistency can be on of the biggest challenges in the blogging universe.   I certainly saw during my vacation that just posting every day can sometimes be more than one can do.   I rather intentionally did not promise to imbue each post with any real sense of oneness when I set myself the challenge to blog every day in 2012.   With the right mindset and workable words,  I suppose it would be possible to  do what Charlie suggested.    But Lord it would make the challenge exponentially more difficult.

There.   The paragraph above is pretty much integrated and really is all together about all three of today’s words.    And if I were a smarmy sort who cared mostly about this particular challenge,  I suppose I could simply publish that one paragraph.   And say there, there.   Now I have done as you asked.   But.    One of my (sometimes it seems way too many) rules for this little exercise is that posts should be three hundred to five hundred words,  with only very rare exceptions.    And making an exception just to bring a sense of oneness for it’s own sake,  while ignoring another requirement would seem very much like cheating in my universe.   (I sometimes think that each and every one of us on this merrily spinning blue green ball is actually occupying his own unique universe.    I would be willing to defend this idea with a friendly philosophy major,  but would probably deny ever having said it to a hard scientist.)

I am trying very hard today to get back into the blogging and social networking mindset I had,  at times in such proliferation prior to my August vacation.    Tomorrow it will be September and time to do the annual fall back to the grindstone.    I hope to have my Empire Avenue guidebook updated and ready for re-release in October.   I also plan to reinstate the #definethis word game next week.   Both of these projects should do much to bring my Empire Avenue dividends and share price back up.   (Realizing here that even Empire Avenue and social media experts really do need to take a break now and then.  From the oneness of the blogosphere universe and #SocialMedia mindset.)    So here is wishing you a productive and prosperous autumn.   Even if it doesn’t actually start for a few more weeks.

And finally today my thanks to reader Nurse Techy who suggested today’s words.


27 comments on “Universe Oneness Mindset

  1. Thank you for another very enjoyable post Alan. I like to refer new EA entries to your book, when new players ask for guidelines and/or for more information… so please provide me with the best URL link for me to send to n00bs when your new edition is ready 🙂 dom

  2. Thank you Alan.
    It’s not simple for me, to make simple comment – as english is not my mother’s tongue. And it is not simple to make it long – from same rieason.

    I believe that everything we feel with our hearts is true and important. And our mind is leading thoughts to what we can feel.

    I had a blog type of web page for 10 years. Abandoning it in july last year. Now I’m on the way to rebirth it. And your article is helping me to feel – WE – NOW – and how imortant it is, that I make all I can.

    Thank you

    Vojko J. Kalan

    • Thank you so much, Vojko, for taking the time to leave such a substantive comment. I really and truly appreciate it when my friends whose first language is not English make the effort to chat with me here. And believe me I do know how easy it is to get burned out on blogging. But the nice thing is, when your interest comes back, all those years of posts are still there and you can easily add to the body of content and resume promoting the whole thing.

  3. Personally , I would have liked it if you had made this a longer article, as I do enjoy the way you portray subjects, I was just about to break out the pop corn when you changed the topic. Never mind about what anyone has to say !! Keep on pouring out the stories and/or articles. Why !? because it is interesting !!, Don’t Mind me , this is just my humble opinion. Have a Happy Friday and wonderful weekend Alan 🙂

  4. I like your style of writing! Just three words, with sometimes no direct connection. But if you think deeper mostly a connection will be found. Keep writing the way you do and walk your own path. With warm regards, Ruud.

  5. I feel that you are still speaking of separate lives that you are trying to balance. The concept of oneness is about the integration of all aspects of your life into a perfect balance. In the East, I experience Thai’s who have grown up with this balance. Their support of family, Monks, and employer must all share in the notion of individual oneness. Check out the cultural differences as defined by Hofsted.

  6. Blogging is very much something you have to be in the mood to do. Some weeks it can be very easy – others more difficult. The same is true for ideas – make and keep a good list handy!

  7. Love today’s backdrop, by the way. But brrr…I am looking ahead to autumn, which I love, but the hint of a big January and February freeze is less welcome.
    What Des Daughter said – I would love to recommend n00bs to your book, so hope you will send us an address we can refer them to.
    I love the way you write – particularly your ability to establish a connection with other people of other ages, genders and other predilections, across the globe. That is enough to pat yourself on the back with, I would hope!
    From one of your fans…

  8. Well, I realize that at times the three words are so disconnected that it might be futile to try to combine them in one thought.
    Other times, they are so related that you could use them in a short sentence like: Today my mindset is oneness with the Universe!
    Thanks for indulging me my friend, you rock!

  9. Less than 300 words doesn’t just cheat your universe. It would also cheat your Google SEO rankings 🙂 Seriously though – thank you for pressing the issue. It is good to take a break now and then so you don’t cheat your universe, you can have a mindful mindset and celebrate your oneness with the things outside of your computer.

  10. Hey ! Loved this one ! I had also made a comment once about “integrating” the three words – glad you did it ! The Oneness that one gets from this article is post is quite amazing and urges us connect with the Universe around us with the right mindset ! 😉

  11. Alan, it is wonderful that you are returning to a bit of structure, within the overall world where you also practice a free form life. By balancing structure with serendipity, you will have the best of both world.

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  13. I must have been on another planet when reading some of your other 3 word posts, why, I saw a connection not only within each post but between each post. A connection profoundly vibrating with your own in-numerable thoughts and creative colorings…. Have a great weekend Alan…

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