Sounds Smiles Seas

It is almost the end of summer,  that season best spent on a beach.    And today as the Gulf coast endures hurricane Issac I find myself remembering the beaches of Mississippi  in my youth.   And the wonderful beaches of Hawaii that I got to experience when Joel and I visited the islands in 2001.   Though come to think of it,  when I lived in Lynn, Massachusetts I often enjoyed walking on the Atlantic beaches in the fall and spring,  just to experience being by the sea and to collect sand dollars and shells.  (Only at the hottest height of summer could one wade or swim in those Atlantic seas.)

Sound is a much more complicated topic for me.   I am severely hearing impaired.   I wear a hearing aid and with my lip reading skills,  I can usually do okay in one on one conversation.    Being in a group of people is much harder for me.    And the telephone is frankly impossible.   I will not even attempt it anymore.   And yet I love music,  and regularly listen to my favorites on YouTube.    I use my headphones and turn the volume all the way up and can genuinely enjoy most songs.   But when I’m not listening to music I keep my computer muted.   I definitely do not like most noises the computer can make at times.   (Remembering how AOL used to say ‘You’ve Got Mail!’)

Smiles are golden, I do believe.    In recent years I’ve come to realize that with my huzband,  if I can get him to laugh or even just involuntarily smile,  the argument is over.     Humor really is one of the most powerful tools in anyone’s kit.    I feel as though I should end this piece with some great joke.    Yet I can’t for the life of me think of one.   (And while I can at times be quite funny,  jokes have never really been my forte.)   So I will close simply by thanking Lucas River,  who suggested today’s words.




29 comments on “Sounds Smiles Seas

  1. Interesting post. You can really enjoy music by maxing the volume through headphone? That is great, but the sounds of the seashore are lost which is a pity, I just love to hear the sound of the sea on the rocks. Sometimes in a group of people I wish I could switch my ears off anyway 🙂

    You want a joke? A friend of mine is a sheep farmer, one say he said “I have 59 sheep, can you round them up for me?” I said “Yes of course, 60”

    • It seems to me I can feel the rythym of the sea even if some of the sounds of the waves are lost to me. When I worked in customer service I did occasionally find it useful to just turn off my ears when some one was complaining on and on 🙂

  2. I love the insight about humour / inducing a smile being a powerful tool in the kit – especially in the matter of closing an argument ! The connection with Sound was also nice – where at one level you prefer muting certain sounds and at the same time, quite enjoy others ! Thanks again ! 🙂

  3. I love this piece because it conveys so well that not-unhappy-but-slightly-melancholy feeling of the end of summer. I have always longed for autumn, which is my spring with its new beginnings (and yes, the best issue of Vogue!) and crisper days, but I understand that for normal people the lazy hazy crazy days of summer will win out any time.
    Like Abhijit, the idea that I am going to take away from today’s piece is the reminder that the best way to win an argument is usually to inject a smile. Tickling sometimes works, but you have to choose your moment…

    • I agree that a smile is the best way to end an argument and a hug 🙂
      This piece provokes me to continue to count my blessings. We take things for granted unconsciously until they are taken away from us for a time or permanently. Hearing is a gift that we take for granted as well as the rest of our senses.

      Fall for me is also my personal Spring and I agree that it also brings the Best issue of Vogue :)!

      I find that some of my best thinking occurs on the beaches of the Atlantic around 4pm when the seagulls are swooping down for the daily food remains and the sun is not pouncing.

      Thanks for this gentle reminder of appreciation 🙂

  4. I can relate to the sounds of the sea as I live right next to it. The quietness is often interrupted by the seals guarding their pups and a helicopter landing at the hotel near by. The best sound is the sound of laughter which I get in the local with a pint or two.

  5. Your post really moved me. I love music and in fact have a collection of over 2000 CD’S that I have collected over time. What really struck me though is that you have pointed out to me again the futility of conflict. Next time I feel angry I am going to smile. Thanks for making a difference to my day.

  6. In the UK it’s barley been sunny all Summer with the weather being cloudy or rainy but you’ll get the odd day when you can walk along the beach in the sun.

    Thanks for writing this.

  7. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I think this is a powerful way to connect. I have tried story telling (not charades). Freely expressing oneself through movement, gesture, etc. An example is a face dance using only facial expressions. This is extremely freeing and connective with others who are present. You might find a group in your area. It’s called Interplay.

  8. enjoying four seasons is a gift, the changings in sight, smell and sound must be truly enriching as one would experience the different wonders of nature. Being different is experience in a manner that would be felt as only an individual could. thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Hey Alan – enjoyed this piece – memories of youth, memories of today both my Mum and wife are deaf and Mum is a firm believer in laughter, and laughing, being the best medicine there is.

  10. Sad that you’ve lost the ability to enjoy the shore. It’s been a while since I’ve just walked along a deserted beach with the tide coming in… always found that soothing.

  11. Summer is ending? Are you sure about that? And here I am still unraveling myself from winters chill…. I guess getting outside more would help my internal clock.. Oh and I’ve spent many hundreds of hours swimming in the Atlantic off of Me, Nh and yes even Lynn Ma.

    I was just thinking the other day that I’m starting to nod in agreement when people say things I don’t hear. While my hearing is fine most of the time, when I am in a crowded place I understand almost nothing from people across a table. I actually wonder what people would think if I walked into a mall with a sign taped to my chest saying ” Look at me when you talk” or “no talking to the floor allowed”… I’m sure it would go over well, don’t you think.

  12. My entire family loves spending time relaxing and enjoying the seashore everywhere we go… Aaaahh! the caress of the winds, the smell of the salty air, the taste of the seas, the endless laughter of the children, the memorable smiles on everyone’s faces… what timeless memories… What a wonderful feeling all of this reminiscing is bringing up to me at this moment… Thnak you for the mission and take care.

  13. Thanks to share a nice article ! I do totally agree with you “Humor really is one of the most powerful tools in anyone’s kit.”

  14. Humor is the best medicine. I don’t like sound either and keep my computer muted – even when playing games. I do the same thing with XBox (and I am a serious gamer). Sound just adds to my stress level most of the time.

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