Clock Block Crock

While I will never be a professional chef,  I do enjoy cooking and have done enough of it to be well aware of the old maxim that a watched pot never boils.   And I have missed enough of my personal daily deadlines for publishing a new post on this blog to be well aware that one ignores the clock at his peril.   It can be really hard to find a balance between making the time to do the things you really want to do and meeting all of the obligations you feel you must.

Although I probably would never have come home from the supermarket with the items shown in this photo,  I suspect that if I happened to find these items in my kitchen I could throw together an easy crock pot meal.   I’d first brown the chicken in a bit of oil and butter,  then put all of the ingredients (I would cube the cream cheese) into the crock pot and cook on low for six to eight hours.    I suspect it would be a wonderfully tasty Mexican style chicken stew,  with a rich creaminess from the cheese.   I might stir in some grated sharp cheddar cheese during the last ten or fifteen minutes,  for an even richer dish.

I’ve come to believe the best policy for me is to be liberally judicious in my use of the block button.   On Empire Avenue,  I primarily see the block button as a means of filtering out players who have proved to be dishonest in the Empire Avenue investment and/or mission behavior.    It seems to me it is getting harder and harder to get folks to do lower value missions,  and I at length concluded that asking folks to join a community in order to control participants blocks out more honest players than you will be able to save yourself from dishonest ones.   (Writing a blog is fairly easy.  Creating a new community from scratch is Hard ass work.)   On Facebook,  I am more blocking to save myself from reading folks who tend to raise my blood pressure.   I don’t expect everyone to agree with me,  and I especially value my friends who can express disagreements without becoming themselves disagreeable.  (This is a skill I rather fear I lack.)   I’m also coming around to a policy of never publicly discussing any blocks.   I blocked a woman who annoyed me a bit.   She went to great lenghts to get to know me and get me to remove the block.   We chatted on Facebook and on blog comments for just a few weeks.   And then it seemed as though she disappeared from my stream.     I was left thinking “wow, that was a waste of time”.

And a happy Sunday to you, my friends.   Here’s hoping it’s been a great weekend in your world.   And my thanks to Vince Periello who suggested these three words.


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