Floral Ontology Armadillo

The problem was “ontology” of  course.   Ontology,  which means “…a specification of a conceptualization.”  is a term which hardly lends itself to photographic illustration.  When I cut the image search back to only “floral armadillo”  I quickly scored this shot of a Texas blogger’s armadillo egg,  which is said to consist of a jalapeno pepper,  stuffed with cheese, then stuffed into a sausage which is then encased in dough, which gets baked.  Okay,  I know that that is not actually the offspring of an armadillo–  a small animal which does not reproduce by laying eggs.   In Louisiana I would have assumed that everyone knows what an armadillo looks like.     If you are not familiar with this animal,  just click the word armadillo for an image.

Okay.  So I have to admit that I haven’t a clue why these sausage balls are called armadillo eggs.   Perhaps there is some applicable ontology of which I am utterly unaware.   Some days it seems I just struggle and have oh so great difficulty bringing myself to work at writing these little posts.   Other days,  like today,  I am absent from blogging simply because I am having a great busy day and am out and about seeing people and having a good time.    I honestly don’t know what ontologies may apply to having a good day.   But I am ever so pleased to have had one.

I fear that I quite lack any skill at waxing poetic about floral arrangements.     I learned the hard way that my spouse greatly prefers carnations to roses.   I certainly regret the bunches of much more expensive red roses I bought before learning this.     My late huzband Joel preferred yellow roses.   Sometimes those were a bit harder to find,  but I do enjoy giving flowers.    Years and years ago when I was a supervisor at Sprynet I had a bad day and was….rather ugly to my co-workers.    I gathered up four vases and went and bought a whole bunch of flowers.     I got one of the women who worked for me in the help queue to make four arrangements and gave one to each of the help queue ladies.     It may not have been my finest hour,  but all four of those women  really seemed to appreciate getting flowers from the boss.    And finally today,  my thanks to Harold Gardner who suggested today’s three words.



22 comments on “Floral Ontology Armadillo

    • You’re most welcome 🙂 (I try to remember that my readers are all over the planet and may be used to very different flora and fauna than what I have seen.)

  1. A fascinating read today Alan, thank you and to Harold for the three words. Your thoughts provoke memories for me – devilled eggs, single red roses, and concepts worthy of specification (Marx on alienation comes immediately to mind).

    • mmmm. Remembering some of the philosophy courses I took many, many moons ago and realizing that ontology is a useful concept, if not a word I am ever likely to use every day.

  2. As always, you continue to blow my mind Alan ! The mental gymnastics you perform are well worthy of the Olympics ! Now I know what an Armadillo’s egg looks like- though don’t think I will try one ( Paleo Diet remember ? ! 🙂 ) Have a great one ! By the way, you have inspired me to get serious about my blogging effort and presence in life – which I would share soon 🙂 So, thank you ! Abhijit

  3. Being from Texas, I know exactly what an armadillo looks like up close. You would never think something that awkward looking could be fast, but they love to literally run through our camp sites! The famous “armadillo eggs” are mighty tasty! Bring on more of your awesome blog posts! I love them!

    • I hadn’t actually confused it with a Scotch Egg, but your mention of this term got me to Googling….I will have a picture of Scotch Eggs in the background tomorrow 🙂

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