Headset Pizza Diet

I thought about using an image of pizza today.   Given the words assigned it would have been an obvious choice and in fact I have lots of pizza pictures on file.   But at length I decided that would be just too easy,  too unimaginative.   I can’t honestly say just what the foods on the platter at the left are.   There appears to be a wedge of cheese that might be roquefort and some slices of sausage that may be mortadella.  But by and large looking at this tray of food leaves me scratching my head.  (Just a reminder,  the images in each of these posts are chosen from the image search results for the day’s three words.)

And what can I say about headsets?   I used to have a pair of purple headphones.   They worked just fine for a while,  and then one day they stopped working.   These days I have a set of black Sony headphones that I use to listen to music.   My current headphones have thicker ear pads that seem to do a pretty good job of directing sound towards my hearing aid.   When I listen to music through my headset I have to turn the volume all of the way up.   And on my tablet,  which seems to be a weaker device,  I can’t hear it even turned all the way up.   Most of the time,  I keep my volume at zero.

Diet is an interesting word in my opinion.   While it can refer to some particular weight loss plan or some medically prescribed eating restriction,  it can also refer to anything at all one chooses to eat.   I like that it is such a flexible word.   If I could afford to,  I would mostly eat as described in the South Beach Diet.   Unfortunately,   it is a rather expensive way to eat and I don’t follow South Beach near as much as I might like.   On the other hand,  I do have and take my insulin every day and it looks like my diabetes is very nearly under control.    My thanks to Detlev Artelt who suggested these three words.


36 comments on “Headset Pizza Diet

    • well I for one enjoy Libby’s three-word format – I find it amusing, sometimes informative, and the rest of the time just plain fun to read.

      I see the challenge he undertakes by soliciting words from readers that he will then build a short article around. This is quite different from most blogs that contain posts one a singular subject, and often the three words are rather unrelated – which serves to increase the challenge.

      The thing I would like to see, is for Libby to progress to the point that he gives more equal coverage of each word and then in closing finds a way to pull all three words into a coherent (or at least humorous attempt at) last paragraph to demonstrate his mastery of their meanings.

      Anyways Libby, I enjoy your posts, poking you about them, and while I have been absent in reading the past week while spending most of my free-time watching sports (hey, you do know the Olympics are happening in London!!!) I am catching up a bit today and will be back after the torch is passed to Rio de Janeiro next Sunday – Cheers! MrBill

  1. Fair enough. I understand taking each word separately. I’m just slightly disappointed that there isn’t a 12″ pizza pie, piled high with headsets covered in cheese, and ready to be consumed. You know, like some of that fruit & vegetable art that is carved to look like all sorts of amazing things!

    • a 12 inch pizza pie will appear for you the next time a new post goes up 🙂 Though I regret that it will not be covered first with headsets and then with cheese. (I am a photo searcher and scavenger. I so don’t do photoshop, sorry 🙂

    • … suppose the pic could have been worse …
      while preparing to click through to this post I had visions of crusty dough covered in Head Cheese or possibly a Goat Head – ala the Rolling Stones “Goat Head Soup”!!!


  2. Pizza is no longer a part of my vocabulary as I am myself following a version of the South Beach Diet ! Actually Primal / Paleo to be specific – and its working great for me ! So, maybe I can eat a Paleo Pizza ( no grain) while listening to my noise cancelling Bose headphones so I can focus on my slow and conscious eating – which has also worked for me beautifully !

    Sorry, I got carried into the flow thanks to you 🙂 Abhijit

    • I frankly did a kinda modified South Beach. I basically ate my fill of protein, vegetables, fruites and moderate amounts of fat. And very very very few carbs. It worked great for me and brought my diabetes under control without insulin and pills. When I was south beaching I just ait the toppings and left the crust on the plate to be thrown away.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting. Please leave me a three word suggestion. I use most every suggestion I get and just love doing this three word posts 🙂

  3. Well as a non pizza lover, if you presented me with that dish of food I would be heading down the risotto route or even better a fantastic Mediterranean salad. Much healthier I think than a pizza and much tastier.

  4. Why headphones just stop working? And I’m not sure I like how the word diet has changed… from the idea of what one eats, to what one does to lose weight. kind of odd.

    • Indeed it is very easy to have all of the food groups represented on a slice of pizza. There is a good reason it is such a popular and almost infinitely variable food.

  5. Thank-you Alan, for sticking to strawberries, which most diets will allow you to eat, if not the supporting shortcake (that is what it is, isn’t it – I do like to get down to essentials.) I am on a diet which allows you protein (of course) and carbohydrate (what?) but absolutely no fat. Everyone but me has lots kilos and kilos on it. After two months of denying myself a proper salad dressing of olive oil etc etc, I have lost no weight at all (up one week, down the next). I am not really surprised – I have always known carbohydrates are fattening. Doh! Oh well, back to the drawing board…:(

    • This is actually a picture of a strawberry mascarpone tart that I picked up when searching on mascarpone (back on this post http://libdronemuses.com/2012/07/06/ladybug-mascarpone-leadership/) I chose a different image for that post, but had the picture on file to use as a background. I know that I have not lately been updating this blog every day as I had been doing for most of the year, but I am trying hard to get back in the habit of posting every day, and replying to most every comment. In many ways, it can be argued that the South did indeed rise again. And if you are on a south beach type diet eating all of the filling and leaving the pastry crust behind on your plate would be totally on your diet 🙂

    • I am trying to eat better, but the fact is that I really can’t afford to eat the way I ate when I was successful on the South Beach diet. (Medicare and my HMO cover all but a tiny, tiny co-pay for my insulin and all of the other medicines I’m taking. The sad fact is that many poor people are fat because carbs are SO cheap compared to the foods you should be eating.

  6. Hi, Alan. Been a while since my last visit — been swamped with work — but I’m back on track again so I’ll be back more often this time. Speaking of pizza, I was at this place yesterday called Old Spaghetti House with a friend and we had this super thin crust pizza, I can’t believe how good it was although I can’t recall the toppings exactly, I was into the conversation, not the pizza, hehe. Headsets, I use them when I have to but not really comfortable with them, for some reason, I feel and irresistible urge to keep scratching my ears when I put them on. Anyways, good to see you again here blogging your way through your 1 post per day pledge, did you keep it? Have a great weekend!

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