Rock Sock Jock

Today’s three words definitely made me think of Dr. Seuss a bit.    Indeed the children’s book The Fox In Socks was one of the image results,  searching for these three words.    (I was honestly shocked that many of the image results were gay porn.)  Somehow this collection of hockey gear seemed the most fitting image result to include in this post.

I am really annoyed with myself–  it is plain to see that I have been skipping days and multiple days of posting on this blog right and left lately.    We are finally into our summery weather here in the Northwest,  and it actually feels hot in the late afternoons and early evenings.   (Making mental note to remind myself next June that summer does not come to the Northwest until after the 4th of July.)

And what,  you may ask,  have I been doing while I have been ignoring this blog?   The answer, sadly,  is not very much.    I have lately been reading a series of mystery novels by Leslie Meier featuring Lucy Stone–  a full time mother and part time investigative reporter for the weekly PennySaver newspaper in Tinker’s Cove,  Maine.     These are pretty standard genre novels of the amateur detective variety,  but I’ve found that I do enjoy them very much and it is very easy to borrow them from my library onto my eBook reader.    I don’t plan to ever write up any reviews of these books–  outside of borrowing them from the library the publishers are requesting extortionate prices for the eBooks.   (I really need to get my act together and write up the reviews of my friend Susan’s books that I have read and to focus more on finding #indie eBooks that are worth paying for.)

Part of me thinks I should close this piece by pledging and resolving once again to be more dedicated and consistent about posting to this blog ever day.   A bigger part of me wipes a bit of sweat from brow and acknowledges that summer just is not really the best of times to write every day.   Here is hoping that you are having a great summer,  managing to have fun and keep cool.   And hopefully,   I will be back with more tomorrow.


32 comments on “Rock Sock Jock

  1. “I was honestly shocked that many of the image results were gay porn.” Really? I’m surprised that you found that surprising. Gay porn(all porn for that matter) accounts for a majority of the internet content. You can do a search for the most innocuous things and, more likely than not, that is what you are going to be linked too. That is the internet in a nutshell.

    • It was actually the first time any kind of porn showed up in the image results for any of my Just 3 Words posts. Sometimes the words don’t lead to any decent images at all, but this really is the only time they have led to porn 🙂

  2. daffynition: rock-sock, noun, also known in the vernacular as a jock, short for jockstrap – aka an athletic supporter (ooops, forgot you skipped sports (-;)

  3. As a teacher I always tell everyone it is important to keep on reading everyday and I am telling you this too Alan. But you must make and keep a commitment to keep on blogging and give your followers something good to read everyday as you have always done in the past:) We all enjoy your blogs.

  4. Reading as a habit is a life skill I’ve happily passed onto my children, but alas not all of us are writers. My eldest son is a writer, by profession, as am I. It’s been over a year since I’ve written a blog post, and have to say I don’t miss it at all. Theres a big difference between writing, and blogging. Blogging is a lot of sweat, as is writing, therefore I choose to not sweat over blogging, in order that my love of writing will return refreshed and vibrant.

    • I know you’re right that writing simply is not for everyone. And even among writers, I think each of us has to find a way of working that works well for us. Thanks so much for being a loyal reader.

  5. Ever think of moving north to colder climes during summer or to the southern hemisphere for that matter just to keep the grey matter working a bit longer?

    • No, having lived it two other regions I believe where I am now is the best weather I will be able to find, unless I should become a lot more wealthy and be able to move to say, Hawaii 🙂

    • So far we have had only a tiny bit of uncomfortably hot weather. For the most part the outdoor temperatures have remained comfortable. Glad to hear you’re having a good summer, Charles.

  6. Internet porn. Mmm. Innocent that I am, when I called my website ‘Lay Anglicana’, I had not anticipated that some would come looking for a good, well, Lay….
    I think in your case it is the word ‘jock’ that does it – I can’t imagine anyone finds socks that erotic?

    I would suggest that the ‘doing it every day’ is a tyranny, and does not guarantee quality. You have proved to our satisfaction – and surely yours?- that you are capable of keeping the interest going on an almost daily basis. But why not chill out, and let your batteries re-charge for a while.

    • I don’t know, Laura. Some of the photographs had socks used in a way that jocks might more ordinarily be used….I honestly haven’t a clue how such a photograph would be tagged. Your words give me comfort when I look back and see all the days I have missed the last couple of months 🙂

  7. The tyranny of time is always demanding. I always feel about writing that it feels so good when it quits hurting! I like having written something that satisfies me, but finding quiet to get started is tough.

    in southeast Texas, summer comes some time in early March; then our weather progresses toward the fires of Hell. I like being outside, but this time of year the tennis courts remind me that I need to clean up my personal act. The courts seem to me to be a bit of a preview of the fires of damnation.

    Thanks for the post.

    • honestly, I can’t imagine even trying to do something strenuous like tennis in a Texas summer. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Harold.

    • well, honestly I don’t remember the last time I saw someone trying to blog every single day, but I do know it was a difficult challenge to set out. Thanks so much for stopping by, Lana.

  8. Leaders are readers 🙂 I’ve been reading since i was three and currently have three novels on the go at once, without reading how do you improve your vocabulary, how do you visit distant places and different worlds see things from another’s perspective oh my the rewards are endless 🙂

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