Incredulous Bombastic River

Mr. Bombastic by UMANBN

OK. So I have to admit that I am at times at least a touch bombastic.   Although unlike my friends Holly and Hajra I don’t think that bloggers have mostly gone all vampire and zombie.   Though I certainly admire anyone who can use a ten dollar word,  where a ten cent word would have done.   I can’t in fact say that I am incredulous that Holly has entered yet another contest over on Blog Engage.   She seems to be kind of addicted to contesting  and I remain frankly in awe of all of the publicity and conversation she manages to kick up.   And her friend Hajra shows every sign of delightedly following in Holly’s footsteps.

Hajra and Holly both keep active blogs where they cover eclectic topics– Holly claims to be the queen of the “No-Niche niche”.   To me that sees like an almost too clever way of not saying simply that one is a personal blogger who writes about whatever is on their mind.   Holly does tend to post a lot more product reviews and contest entries.   Hajra is a bit more like me in being heavy on the personal introspection,  though as I mentioned she seems to be entering contests right and left,   just like dear Holly.

If I were Mark Twain,  I would have a third paragraph which explains how blogging is really like a river and the key is to understand the currents.    I’m not actually sure that that is true, though.   To me it seems that blogging is more an ocean.   There is just so much of it and you can meet and chat with so many people.    Only to realize that you have barely scratched the surface of what is there.   A river flows to its delta and then disperses.    Blogs,  like the tides seem to just go on and on forever.    In the end,  I suppose that the ocean is as tortured a metaphor as is a river for the inexplicable aspects of blogging.   But surely these metaphors,  weak though they are,  are superior to something pulled from a 1950’s  horror movie.


21 comments on “Incredulous Bombastic River

  1. I think this is almost your best (and I am not driven away by an edible background. If that is a gingerbread house, they have overdone the icing). Sneaky that, using the words in a different order, and two in one paragraph. I read it as an ordinary piece of prose – and it works very well like that – and then realised I hadn’t noticed the words, so had to go back and hunt for them. All blogs are vampire and zombie, eh? I think I must fall into the zombie category. (Though I have to confess I too have fallen for the competitive thing and entered a ‘best blog’ competition – I won’t know the result until October, which is a peculiar form of torture. Even more tortuous is the fact that 2 of the judges are by now friends of mine. Will they feel obliged to mark me down?!)

  2. Thanks for introduce Hajra and Holly. I know Holly and read some of her contest posts. Very entertaining for a break. And I’d like to see her keep her contest drive live 🙂

    • Oh, Nicolas, you do know the way to a writer’s heart. (As does Alan, here, but I think he’s in cahoots with Dave this time… and Prunebutt. I don’t know…just call it a hunch.)

  3. I so admire those of you who continue to blog and day after day. It brings a richness to the internet we would otherwise not have. And I admire you for treading into the ocean of the unknown. It takes a great deal of courage. I’m cheering you on from the shore. 🙂

  4. I love to write and i write for Seeking Alpha: but to have to come up with deep thoughts frequently truly seems too daunting a challenge for me; kudos to you for being able to do it. Also, i appreciate your tone of discussion vs lecture!

  5. And when she dove into the river, taken with the beauty of polished rocks and jaunty whitecaps that surrounded her, she failed to notice the sly boys on the muddy shore. Sly boys with their pilfered eyePads and MacLair Tablets, surreptitiously snapping shots of the girls as they swam with swift strokes against the current. She floated past them, oblivious. A storm brewed, but even then, she enjoyed the swell of water rushing beneath her. The cooling breeze smelled of gardenias and cinnamon, interwoven with the smell of curry, jasmine, roasting meat, and sweaty bodies. When she finally opened her eyes, she began to flail – no longer was she surrounded by a lazy river – she had passed the delta and entered open water with the effluent of industry, and she could no longer find a solid bottom with her feet. In something approaching blind panic, she grabbed the nearest floating object – a long, white cylinder that appeared to be made of scratched and graying PVC pipe. To her horror, it turned out to be a human femur.
    How’s that for a metaphor from the too-clever world of the no-niche niche?

    And it’s all Hajra’s fault. She’s the one that got me hooked on this contesting thing. Don’t let her stand there all innocent-like, pretending she didn’t. Some shrink she is, using her knowledge of human nature to competitive advantage! LOL

  6. Love this! I have to admit I have taken a break from blogging as much and have never entered a contest. I also believe blogging to be more like an ocean and yes, you seem to never scratch the surface. So much content to discover and many people to meet!

  7. I’ve been considering creating my own blog for some time now, and I must say that this has given me a new perspective on the craft.

  8. This is a great article and I think most experienced bloggers would agree with your ocean analogy after. There is so much out there and even meeting and experiencing a tiny percentage can be really rewarding.

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