orangutan forgiveness dolmathes

It’s not that often,  going through the three word suggestions from my readers that I come across a word that is quite unfamiliar to me.    But I honestly had no idea at all what the word dolmathes means until I looked it up.   Dolmathes it turns out are a Greek delicacy,  grape leaves stuffed with rice and pine nuts.     Click the word to see a recipe for this dish.    I am not really all that familiar with Greek cuisine,  though I love moussaka– an eggplant casserole traditionally made with lamb but also delicious prepared with beef instead.   I have a time or two had occasion to eat in a Greek restaurant,  but have never widely sought out this cuisine.   Honestly?   I don’t think I will try to make dolmathes.   I feel pretty sure none of us in this house would eat them.   (That makes me a little sad.)

My friend the novelist Susan Wells Bennett  recently finished her latest installment in the Brass Monkey series.   New Life continues the stories of Milo, Claire, Sax and Sondra all older retired people in Pheonix, Arizona whose lives are kind of a cross between a good soap opera and a ‘drama-dey’.   I was so thrilled that Susan allowed me to be a beta reader for the new book,  which I will tell you right up front is Wonderful.    I am going to be publishing reviews of all of the titles in the Brass Monkey series,  in addition to the review I’ve already published of Susan’s earlier novel Circle City Blues    I’ve also recently read Susan’s novel  The Thief Of Todays And Tomorrows and will be publishing a review of that novel as well.   I am setting up author pages for Susan both on my books blog and in my Amazon aStore.    Thief  was VERY different from Bennett’s Brass Monkey series and I just found myself agog at what a wonderful novelist Susan is.     If I ever interview her again,  I will be sure to ask her why orangutans at the zoo seem to figure so  prominently in her fiction.

It was Susan in fact who suggested these three words,  and I am so very pleased to have an excuse to brag some more about Susan’s wonderful books.    I am only allowing myself to purchase one book per month  (I get lots of eBooks from the library,  completely free of charge.   When the three week loan period ends,  the copy’s become un-openable and I just delete them from tablet).    The last couple of months I have bought nothing but Susan’s books,  and when New Life is released I definitely plan to buy it.     And finally today,   on the subject of forgiveness,   I’m please to report that only a few hours after I arrived home and found my huzband very hurt,  he was over it and forgave me.   The fact is we both forgive a great deal  with each other.    Which is I think a big part of why our relationship works and endures for us.


15 comments on “orangutan forgiveness dolmathes

  1. Oh, Alan…you’ve got to try dolmathes! They are so good — but don’t try to make them yourself. Find a good Greek restaurant. Dan and I went to one in Portland a few years back…

    I am partial to orangutans, particularly the ones at the Phoenix Zoo. I wrote a blog post recently about Duchess’ passing (she is featured in the Brass Monkey series).

    I’m so pleased that you read Thief! That’s my first book and my husband’s favorite.

    Thanks for writing about my words. 🙂

  2. Dolmathes really are wonderful. A Greek restaurant may even have a mixed appetizer tray featuring them.

    I am envious that you are able to get so many ebooks through your library. Mine still has a weak selection and long waiting lists… surprising as we have a wonderful library system here.

    Thanks again for sharing your post.

  3. Well, this one looks like a Chinese one. It’s one we eat every May (lunar calendar) in memory of a great poet who died about 1,000 years ago. It’s a wrap with palm leaf with rice and whatever inside. Through trade route, similar one appeared in Southeast Asia and other part of the world.

  4. Interesting…to me they are dolmades, and Lebanese, but obviously the same (stuffed vine leaves). Actually Alan, if you weren’t always eating strawberry tarts (I see you polished off yesterday’s) you might really develop a taste for these. Sort of a sour pickle taste. Tempt you?

  5. dolmas, dolmades, or dolmathes aren’t so much part of Greek cuisine as they are Turkish cuisine, and were spread throughout the Ottoman empire, which at one time encompassed much of what is modern Greece … though there was a time when a significant part of modern Turkey was part of Greece (see Trojan Horse for details)!

    … anyway, having eaten in many Greek restaurants, some of them even in Greece (-; I have rarely found dolmathes on their menus except for the blatantly tourist-oriented establishments of central Athens and a couple of the most popular vacation islands – ie Mikonos.

    on a similar bent, gyros are often thought of as Greek cuisine, yet again they are more Turkish in origin … when in Greece, go for the souvlaki instead! (-;

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