Justice Freedom Liberty

In retrospect,   I suppose I should have used these words on the 4th of July. Though I must say that I do feel sone real freedom, typing this post on my tablet, sitting out on my friend’s porch enjoying the unfamiliar heat of a summer afternoon. As my friend and I sit here, me tapping away on my tablet, him on his phone it seems to me we are such creatures of our age, neither of us quite able to set aside our toys, even when there is a real human right here to talk to.

The paragraph above is as far as I got on my friend’s porch this afternoon.   After I typed that last sentence,  my tablet flaked out a bit.    The back light was still on, but the screen was completely black,  except for one random white pixel.    At length we found a safety pin and stuck it in the reset button and the tablet was back to normal,  thankfully.    This was the first time I ever saw it do the one white pixel thing,   but it is far too common to be working on something and then you blink and you are back on the home screen and whatever you were doing is gone with the bits.   My friend thinks that if he roots the device for me,  it will be more stable.    I’m probably going to let him do it at some point,  though I am not quite there yet.

I ended up hurting my huzband rather badly today quite without meaning to.    He asked me to get him some cash out of a cash machine and buy him some diet Pepsi.    I also had two of my own errands to do today.     When I got back from doing my two errands,   I found him asleep.   He looked so cute curled up in his blanket in the middle of our bed.   So my friend wanted me to come over,  and I went and got his cash,  then to the grocery store and bought his diet Pepsi.   And then I went over to my friend’s for awhile.     If I had not stayed long,   it probably would not have mattered.   But Ron woke up around 5 and when I didn’t get back with his money and his Pepsi until after 9pm,  he was really hurt that I prioritized playing with my friend over bringing him what he needed.    You know I have never hurt anyone intentionally even half as bad as I sometimes seem to hurt my spouse accidentally.

Going out to play was definitely a kind of freedom for me today,  but failing to bring back what I was asked to first was I realize now something of an injustice.     And I think I need to try real hard to make my kitty feel loved, wanted and cared for.    Having a day at liberty to go and play with your friends is a wonderful thing.   But I must resolve to make sure I take care of things at home before I go out and play.

And finally today,  my thanks to  the folks at Highest Cash For Cars  for suggesting today’s words.


10 comments on “Justice Freedom Liberty

  1. I am trying to wear those blinkers that horses have to restrict the angle of vision – it is imperative that I look only at the white space and not the PIE – gosh, the strawberries look delicous, glazed with sugar and in a shortcrust pastry….Stop it, Laura, this instant!

    Right, quickly before I get side-tracked again – I think it is the glaze that does it – I really like this post, when all three paragraphs weave together into a seamless story. Art that conceals art. What treat have you offered your spouse to make up for your bad behaviour, strawberry tart, right? 🙂

  2. Well, at least the two of you were not having an electronic conversation on the porch. While reading I do not not get the feeling that your actions would be held against you, and hope that i is the case. I know too many people who would never let that incident go.
    As always, it has been a pleasure to read another 3 word post.


  3. I have only one thing to say – you take only those people for granted who you really love and who love you back. 🙂 so cheer up pal and yes do something special today to make your spouse feel that he is loved. 🙂

  4. I don’t know what tablet you’re using. But, I really like my new iPad. The sound of tapping is just like the old typewriter when I used it twenty years ago. I’m going to write some serious stuff on my iPad 🙂

    • It has never been true and never will be if we do not continuously strive towards equality. As long as we recognize that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance then perhaps one day we will achieve that more perfect union.

  5. I think you do a great job at taking your experiences and not dwelling on them, instead using them as guidance for the future. Good job with the post!

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