Ladybug Mascarpone Leadership

I was in my 20’s  and living in Lynn, Massachusetts the first time I had mascarpone cheese.   I had a roommate,  a guy named Billy, and one night for dinner he wanted pasta with jarred tomato sauce and mascarpone cheese.   The cheese is soft and spreadable.   It comes in a plastic tub like cottage cheese but is much richer and smoother.   We boiled the pasta,  gave it a bit of tomato sauce then put a scoop of the cheese on top.    I stirred mine together in my bowl and it make a kind of rich pasta rosa.  It was so good.   (Thinking I will have to pick some up the next time we make spaghetti.   After parting ways with Billy I don’t believe I ever ate mascarpone again.)

I find myself wondering if anyone else has experienced what appears to me a HUGE Pinterest fail.   For the last several days any time I attempt to pin anything from Facebook,  I get an error message “We couldn’t find any images.  Users have reported this links to spam or other inappropriate content”.    For this reason,  I haven’t pinned anything lately,  and I suspect it will not take more than a few more failed pinning attempts before I get out of the habit of pinning great pics I come across.    I honestly don’t know too much about ladybugs.    But they sure are pretty.

I have always been more of a loner than a leader.  Frankly,  the idea of a whole bunch of people following me around all of the time,  expecting me to show them where to go and what to do frightens me a bit.   How much better to explore off-beat paths and try to live a unique sort of life.   And finally today,  my sincerest thanks to Sandor Benko who suggested today’s words.    Hope it’s been a great week in your world and that you have a nice weekend.


39 comments on “Ladybug Mascarpone Leadership

    • I don’t think I am ever going to want to try to make cheese at home, but I totally appreciate your posting that link, just in case there are some folks around here who might like to try.

  1. LOL, never tried the marscarpone cheese, I do like cheesy spaghetti, will have to try it. Pinterest seems to have worked for me, but I haven’t pinned a bunch of pics, more just articles and stuff like that lately. Lady bugs are pretty neat too! And about the following you have, just close your eyes, keep walking the walk and never look back 🙂

    • Pinterest still will not let me pin anything from Facebook. Since it is on Facebook that I most often see images I have wanted to pin, this is a huge negative for me.

  2. Make it a habit, not to pin everything you come across and flood others wall. Better pin what you think worth so that others will feel happy to love your pins and share them 🙂

    • I usually only pin two or three images each day. And periodically I pin all of my blog posts, though I usual let two or three weeks worth accumulate before I pin.

  3. Mascarpone doesn’t have a very strong taste and can be eaten with sweet stuff like fruit too, like a replacement cream cheese or sour cream.
    Facebook doesn’t let you share some images….I copy the image address and share it that way.
    Suggest you don’t worry about followers… that’s [internet] life.

    • Oh I don’t worry much about followers. I try real hard on this blog to say what’s on my mind and let my audience take it as they will. And yes, there are lots of sweet mascarpone dishes. I almost bought a mascarpone cheese cake the other day. I’m a little sorry I didn’t.

  4. Have never heard of that kind of cheese. . .and I love cheese! As far as problems with Pinterest, I haven’t had too many. I wouldn’t worry about people following you around. . .your in control and it’s on your term!

    • I really Really liked being able to save images I liked on pin boards. But if I can’t pin from the site where I am constantly discovering images, it doesn’t have much utility to me.

  5. Haven’t had mascarpone cheese in ages, guess I will have to give it try again!. Pinterest worked for me as I pinned your blog, also liked it and shared it on Linkedin, google+ and tweeted it. Lady bugs are pretty great as long as they stay outdoors, had a about 100 of them in a bedroom once! And keep up the good work, you got me to write something and I hate writing!

    • It’s only when trying to pin stuff from Facebook that I’ve run into the problem. It’s just a bummer from me, since most of the stuff I pinned, I pinned from Facebook. (Shudders to think of 100 lady bugs in my bedroom. ick)

  6. Mascarpone does not have taste, It has texture. Deliciously moreish, creamy texture. You can use it to thicken any sauce, but you have to use it right at the end, don’t seriously cook it. It’s just my luck to have started a low-fat diet, so I am not allowed anywhere near it. Please do not tell me that Quark is an acceptable substitute. it isn’t. That is all. 😦

    • Sometimes I try things just ’cause “everyone” is playing with them, but I almost never stick with a web site or tool unless I find it genuinely useful. And I’m coming to think that mascarpone is one of those love it or hate it things. Very few people seem merely indifferent to it.

    • Sometimes I try things just ’cause everyone else is trying them, but I rarely stick with sites I don’t find useful. I kind of think mascarpone may be one of those love it of hate it things. Few people seem neutral to it.

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