bane capital selection

Empire Avenue is not in fact the bane of my existence,  though it can be frustrating at times.   I have started working on updating the book,  but it is slow going.   I am thinking it will probably be a September release.    It does seem to me that I am definitely seeing the summer slack off in my own online communities and I know that things will pick back up when fall rolls around.

As we here in the United States celebrate Independence Day,  I read that thousands of people in our nation’s capital remain without electricity, following last weeks’ derecho.   (It seems climate change is a boon for vocabulary nerds.)  I can imagine how miserable it must be in that heat without power for days and days on end.   I’m remembering I think it was last summer when our power went out for several hours on a really hot day.  We took our clothes off and went out on the patio and tossed buckets of water at each other to cool off.    It was a bit of fun it seems to me.   Or perhaps that is just nostalgia,  making me remember things better than they actually were at the time.

I’m finding that it really is a lot easier to crank out these three word posts when I can simply make a selection from a fairly large pool of possibilities.   I also seem to have gotten into the habit of waiting until just a couple of hours before the 5pm deadline to begin working on each post.   I’ve written before that being on deadline doesn’t necessarily make you write any better.     (And a careful reading of this post would, I suspect,  confirm that notion.)  But facing the deadline does at least get my fingers moving and get me to typing something.    I don’t think that makes the deadline the bane of my existence, but it is useful somehow.    And finally today,  my thanks to Mr. Bill for suggesting today’s words.   It sounds as though Empire Avenue may in fact be the bane of his existence.


28 comments on “bane capital selection

  1. I can’t imagine what it would be like without electricity right now. It’s 108 degrees here in Kansas and I’m sweating while inside with the AC running!

    • welll your divs (that is the divs you pay out to other players) go up down based on your activity on all of your connected blogs and networks. If you stay offline a couple of days, your divs will go down, no two ways about it 🙂

  2. Pretty tough down here in Houston also; so I am completely grateful for electricity and Mr,. Carrier! I can’t decide if EA is a good thing or a bad thing yet in my life. Perhaps as in much of life, it is a bit of both!

    • my mother lives in Houston. Honestly I don’t know how any of you stand it. EA can be a number of different things to different people. Figuring out if and how you want to use it is something everyone has to do for themselves.

  3. The weather, vacations and Holidays does lend to decreased activity online – but soon it will pick up again and you will have to start thinking about starting posts earlier or at least once you run out of three word titles. I always seem to struggle with titles and once I have them, the rest is much easier.

    Living without electricity – never easy and my thoughts are with those who are doing so in this heat!

    • Well, I am continuing to ask my readers to leave me comments with three random words for my titles. So long as they continue to come in, I will plug along with just three words. If my readers stop coming through, then I suppose I will have to think of something else. I am so sorry for those who are dealing with extreme heat and no electricity.

  4. Are you sure it’s Empire Avenue? Maybe it’s the 5 pm deadline that’s the Bane. Anyway when this is a place for thoughts and musings everything is fair game to “git her done”

  5. I remember reading about the electricity outages in the US last year – something about demand outstripping supply and old infrastructure unable to keep up. We haven’t hit that point in Australia yet but with the Carbon Tax closing old coal fired power stations (the one in Sth Aust provides 33% of the State’s needs) I wonder if it is only a matter of time. The cost of power is expected to rise by 20-30% in the coming year. Are we in trouble – yet?

  6. Love your segues, Alan. I am really sorry for the people without electricity, and realize I luxuriate in the resources of fans and computers. But Empire Avenue? I still meet great new people everyday. If it becomes the bane of my existence, I hope I can once again remember: it’s just a game.

  7. Having one paragraph for each of the three words is not much of a challenge for you; Combining the three words in one paragraph that makes sense, that would be a challenge!

  8. Have never been without electricity during the summer months, but it only took about 6 hours to flee our house in a February outage. A 200 year old New England home loses 4-5 degrees of heat an hour.
    I can sympathize with Mr. Bill, but thank him for his three words.
    Just noticed that it’s not a food background. Happy 4th of July!

  9. I hope the electricity gets turned back on soon, I hate being without. We are so used to having it we take it for granted and boy do we miss it when it’s gone. Hope you had a lovely 4th!

  10. September is getting close… and I remember all the things we did to beat the heat when we didn’t have A/C… very cool now that I don’t have to do it any more (knocking on wood)

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