Eternal Scholar Immigration

I’ve written before about change being the only constant in life,  and this weekend certainly brought that home for me yet again.  It turns out that the friend whom I had thought I had quite lost a week or two back is back in my life again.   I found that I accepted with reasonably good grace an explanation that ‘sometimes I just talk and my mouth gets me in so much trouble’.    I certainly do know how easy it is to talk your way out of a friendship.   And the fact is,  I was glad to hear from my friend again.   We spent most of the day together Friday and I’m glad we’re friends again.

I note that today is July 1st,  marking the half way point of my blog every day in 2012 challenge.    I counted them up and found that so far this year I have published 171 posts.    Today is the 184th day of 2012 and this is my 172nd post this year.    I have met the blog every day challenge 93.4% of the time so far.   Obviously,  some posts are better than others.    And 93% seems pretty good to me.   Even if I did take a couple of days off this week.    I know that I am not a scholar,  and suspect that there will plenty of time to contemplate eternity.    I frankly doubt that I will ever emigrate.    I apologize that I did not actually use Aldon Hynes‘ suggested three words.   Just for today,  I am satisfied just to have gotten a post up.

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