Spectacular Outrageous Spontaneous

I’m laughing today.   I’ve been looking through Facebook and laughing at all the funny pictures and jokes my friends have posted recently.   So the Supremes upheld health care reform.  I am remembering reading something last week,  a law professor saying that if the decision was 5-4 he would lose all faith in the court.   I kind of feel the opposite.   That Roberts sided with the less conservative justices and voted to mostly uphold the law gives me hope that the court may be more effective going forward.   Particularly if the intemperate Scalia can be pushed to resign.

I know the calendar says it is summer and my friends in other parts are dealing with horrible high heat and wildfires and such.   Here in the Northwest it is still gray and cool and feels more like winter than summer to me today.    Of course when the heat does finally get here I will no doubt be kvetching about it.   I honestly couldn’t figure out why the photography of a piece of bread covered with tomato sauce and a couple of fried eggs turned up in my image search for “Spectacular Outrageous Spontaneous”.   It doesn’t look at all spectacular to me, nor even especially edible.   Today’s background image of Bear Lake does qualify as spectacular I believe.   And writing this post at the last minute is the epitome of spontaneous.    As for outrageous,   I think it will just have to wait for another day.   And finally,  my thanks to folks at Highest Cash For Cars for suggesting today’s words.


14 comments on “Spectacular Outrageous Spontaneous

  1. Indeed, I try to remain totally a-political but I do find health care is an important topic that has been politicized to death. Is it okay to just be FOR fairness in health care?

    • I’ve found that I can’t quite bring myself to completely shut about about all of my political views. But I only rarely stray into political subjects on this blog and I try to be low key and respectful to others’ viewpoints.

  2. Rather mean of me, but I would say you have got ‘outrageous’ covered when you say The Supremes backed health care reform. What do you mean, the Supremes? The Supremes of the 1960s, those Supremes? Even older than me – am guessing they must be about ready for some health care themselves…

    But maybe I’ve got hold of the wrong end of the stick. It wouldn’t be the first time…:)

    • Stop! in the name of LOVE Before you break my heart (which will result in a huge hospital bill for cardiac surgery). Sorry. Was a song worm in my head 🙂

  3. I am riveted to the news today, off setting it with Facebook silliness and antibiotics. Now Eric Holder gets slammed. Ridiculous. I’ll campaign and eat my Spectacular Outrageous Spontaneous until I can not longer afford it in November.

    • What I find myself wondering is if the Dems will ever find a way to show the red state poor, whose governors have announced they will not be participating in the Medicare expansion that their blue state cousins are getting medical care that their political leaders are keeping from them. I just don’t understand poor people who vote for the rich people’s party.

  4. Fortunatelly this is not happening in Slovenia. Unfortunatelly, the situation is not much different. As at prehistoric – we people have to care about ourselves and our children. Fortunatelly I have found a well of healthy food and using it.

  5. The drift to a one party country was slowed by today’s decision but the drum beat of the American Taliban will only get louder this summer. Did you see that in Texas the Elephants want to ban the teaching of critical thinking skills in any public school and even worse they are demanding in their platform that all the voting rights acts passed in the 60’s be entirely repealed…

    Elvis may not be still alive but I’m pretty sure Osama bin Laden is alive and leading the Texas Elephants on a holy crusade.

    • Shhhh. I will confess that my own views are very Leftist. But I was raised to believe that we live in a country where smart and responsible people run a government that is by and for the people. When corporations have human rights and most humans don’t have healthcare…..this is not the government I was brought up to respect.

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