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What a difference a day makes.   I did two Empire Avenue missions,  both asking for folks to contribute Just Three Words and now I have thirty blog post titles saved,  and a handful of further suggestions still to record.     If your first mission does not succeed,  try try again seems to be good advice.   I am reminded of the much repeated advice about sticking to it and working on in the face of set backs. And it really is true that sometimes,  if you keep trying you reach your goal,  much more easily than you might have anticipated.

I don’t usually like to use three words that seem related rather than random.   While I can certainly appreciate the urge to fire off a three word phrase,   I actually find phrases a good deal more challenging than three random words.   And yet,  just for today,  I feel happy and excited– that my readers have supplied me with another month’s worth of post ideas.     And I was so much more careful this time and will be able to link each post to the web site or social profile of the person who suggested those words.   Today’s words are from my friend Fang Feng.   I suppose my point is that it’s good to have rules,  they can make it so much easier to get something done.   But a big part of wisdom is knowing when to break the rules and just write about what’s in your heart.

None of us knows what the future may hold.  It seems to me that any time you get to a point where you seem complacent about your life script,  you’ll have a day that demonstrates once again that change really is the only constant in life.  (professions, business, endeavors, etc.)     So do take time today to look at the pretty flowers and notice the weather and commune if only for just a few minutes with the world around you.     I know that memories can be very powerful,  and can be very harmful if mis-handled.   I know that each of us on this madly spinning ball (whether we are writers, wordsmiths, story tellers or not) does get to write his own life story each day as we go along.   And the future remains always a wonder waiting to be discovered.


2 comments on “yesterday today tomorrow

  1. Apologies, I have not been here for a while, glad I read this post for a couple of reasons. Back in Southern Africa, the yesterday, today and tomorrow bush grew in almost every garden. Just seeing the photo here brought back memories of happier times and evoked the exact fragrance of the flowers which wafted into the house through perpetually open windows.

    Picking up on your words about life scripts, I know very well how the script can be changed in a heart beat. All the pages of plots, plans and goals so carefully planned for the future torn up and thrown away by forces outside of our control. Starting a new script all over again, different country, different society, different everything. Always change and always interesting.

    Good post Alan, thanks for bringing back some good memories for me.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping in, Peter. I didn’t in fact know a thing about the yesterday today and tomorrow flower until my image search turned it up. The dark purple flower reminded me of a flower we had lots of in New Orleans. (I’m terrible with plant names, I’m afriad. I couldn’t tell you what it was.) And every day really does have the potential to bring great change, often when you least expect it. It does keep life interesting 🙂

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