Smitten Unwonted Rose

And what a month it has been.  It was precisely one month ago on May 25th that a happenstance suggestion prompted me to start Just Three Words. And with the exception of two days when I locked myself out of,  I have used three reader-submitted words as the subject of a post every single day.   As June starts to fade into July I note that I am quite nearly half way through my goal of blogging every day in 2012.    I am not sure if I will continue the Just Three Words gimmick.   I have I believe three more sets of words,  but after that I am out.   If you would like more of these Just Three Words posts,  please do leave comments with your choice of most any three random words.   I don’t promise that I will absolutely, positively write about every suggestion,  but for the most part I will.

From her recent post,  it seems clear to me that my friend Laura remains smitten with Empire Avenue. It hardly seems unwonted to me.    I have been thinking a lot about how to update Walking Down The Avenue and think I will be ready to begin working on it soon.  Not sure when it will be released.   Inflation really has had huge impacts on Empire Avenue,  though it doesn’t really change any of the advice I’ve given.   Though at this point a new comer looking to become effective should probably focus on wealth creation first,  in order to have the income to create high value missions.   The word rose has me thinking this morning about a woman whose name was not Rose.    The lady occupying my thoughts passed on some years ago,  but I find myself distinctly recalling her “Tea Rose” perfume and remembering the years that we shared.     It is always just amazing to me the things these little word lists get me to remember.


35 comments on “Smitten Unwonted Rose

  1. riding anniversary editing (my weekend)
    bunnies birds and fish (new babies around my house 🙂

    Let’s see how those words apply in your life!

  2. What a nice surprise – I wandered over here, as I do in my spare moments, to find I am part of the random blogpost.
    Right, then, I propose:

    Absurd, Strawberry, Veranda[h]

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