Children Railway Mess

It seemed fitting that this children’s book,  Pop Goes Thomas,  was one of the top image search results for ‘children railway mess’.    One of the things I have missed the most since retiring from the library is being continually exposed to children’s books.   In my library years I came across so many great children’s books and reviewed them.   My reading habits really have changed a great deal since I stopped going to the library for work every day.   These days I mostly read novels on my Android tablet.    I find I can easily check out eBooks from the library and load them instantly in my Kindle application.   I have also found lots of free books to download in Kindle.   I also sometimes buy books in Kindle and in the Kobo eBook store,  which is also installed on my tablet.

Unfortunately,  I have not yet seen any children’s eBooks that were of a quality that I could even consider recommending them.   eBooks are great for texts and seem to do okay with some illustrations,  but by and large the technology for children’s picture books just isn’t quite there yet.

I have many fond memories of travelling by train.   At different times I made long distance trains trips between New Orleans and Chicago and between New Orleans and Boston.   And in the years I lived in the Boston area,  I frequently used the Northeast Corridor service connecting Boston, New York and Washington, DC.   I find the rocking of a train soothing and really enjoy getting to see many different landscapes pass by as I sit back in comfort and leave all the work of travelling to somebody else.   Someday I hope to take the train from Seattle to Chicago,  a journey Mary Daheim chronicled in her mystery novel Loco Motive.  (See my review)

I hesitate to post anything on the subject of ‘mess’.    While I am not proud of it,  I have come to accept that I am a bit of a slob and the fact is that more often than not my home and my things are a bit messy.  There is however a lot of love at this address,  and a family who accept each other as they are and make the best of the time they have together.   And quite frankly,  I wouldn’t trade that any day for some spit-polished-looks-like-the-maid-just-left-palace that didn’t have love and kindness in its walls.


14 comments on “Children Railway Mess

  1. Thomas the Tank Engine was a favorite of mine (wonder why) and also of my boys. Both are messy and so am I so we share not only a love of books but also a disdain for cleaning up. Rail lost something when steam went out of fashion and diesel electric took over. Oh, I know, sooty mess. I knew there was a link.

  2. Oh, Thomas the Tank Engine, written by the Revd (?first name) Awdry and icon of my childhood! I’m pretty sure he never wrote one called ‘Pop Goes Thomas’ and I don’t see his name anywhere on the cover. Such are the perils of being dead for 70 years I suppose – nothing must be allowed to stand in the way of a good franchise operation.

    • It seems that most of the successful children’s book series are controlled by publishers rather than specific authors. While many of the best titles were created by authors like Awdry and H A Rey (of the Curious George books) they seem to outlive their authors in the hands of good publishers.

  3. I was grown on books. I still remember all favorite books from my childhood and when I come across one of them, I am so happy to touch them, open and go through every page. Maybe I am the last person that does not use Kindle, I can see myself reading a professional book on the screen, but I can not imagine myself to read a book to my grandchildren without touching and smelling the pages. Though I can see the economy of storing place and money using electronic versions of books.

    • I believe that eBooks and paper books can and will peacefully coexist for the foreseeable future. I believe that there is a real market for real printed books that eBooks simply can never reach. I do think a lot more books will be distribute electronically, and I urge each and every person to do their part to make sure paper books continue to be offered. Buy paper books.

  4. I still remember some of my old books I read when I was child, like Jules Verne, Aisopos Myths and various comics, but I have never tried traveling by train (only by a movie). This book looks like a great way for children to learn some things more from me when I was a kid.

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