Jabber Church Music

It’s always funny,   the memories a few words will bring up.    For 5 or 6 years when I was in junior and senior high school,  I sang in the church choir.   Sometimes the anthems we used to sing come back to me unbidden and I remember the joy, the love and the power in singing music with other people.   I particularly remember one song “Oh Thou To Whose All Searching Sight”.    I really liked that song and snuck a copy of the music home from the choir room and mastered the piece on the piano.  The thumping bass and soaring lyrics and the wonderful four part harmony made it a truly memorable bit of church music that I can hear so clearly in my mind as I type this,  even though my ears have not heard it in many years.

Try as I might,   I can’t seem to think of any kind of positive spin to give to the word jabber,  which is I suppose a verb denoting an incessant and not very intelligent speech.   Though I could as easily argue that it is part of the noun jibber jabber which would refer to just the same sort of speech.    Honestly,  there is a lot of jibber jabber on Facebook and yes, also on blogs.   Though I do believe you are more likely to come across carefully created content on a blog vis a vis  on Facebook.   Then too,  Facebook is for sharing and the sad fact is most of us are not in fact master curators.    And the fact is that most of us do like seeing cute cat pics.   So maybe, sometimes,  jibber jabber is actually okay.

I deeply regret that I did not make a note of just who suggested today’s three words to me,  back when they were first suggested.   Try though I have,  I did not locate the comment where these three words were introduced into the rotation.   So my sincerest apologies for not writing a paragraph here about my friend who gave us these three great words.   And if YOU are that friend,   please leave me a comment.   I will absolutely positively devote another whole post to you and your interests  🙂


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