Finally Figured It Out

I very damned near out-smarted myself.    If you were among those who read my rather frantic post yesterday on a temporary blog I set up while I was locked out of this account,  you will recall that yesterday I was heartsick at the thought that I had lost access to my blogs.    I never did figure out how the password got changed.   But I did finally figure out why I wasn’t getting the password re-set e-mails.

I really don’t use e-mail much at all anymore.   And one of the biggest things that contributed to my e-mail being so full of junk messages that it simply wasn’t worth it to try to spot the occasional message that actually required attention was the huge number of automated messages I receive from  blogs.   The trouble is they get sent out with all kinds of different return e-mail addresses that it proved very difficult to set up filters to manage the flow.   And it turns out I had set a filter that caused all messages from  to “skip inbox”.     Which is to say that I never saw the messages that were automatically deleted before being delivered.    I deleted that filter rule,  then went back to the login screen and sent myself a password re-set e-mail.    It arrived instantly and ten minutes later I am typing this post.   I will probably delete or hide the temporary blog I set up.

I can’t tell you how pleased and happy I am to be once again commanding my own blog ship.   I am frankly a little embarrassed to have mis-configured my e-mail filters such that I could not receive the one message I really needed to receive.      But I am thankful that I finally figured out what the problem was.    And I promise that tomorrow I will be back with another Just Three Words post.   My sincerest thanks to everyone who made a comment or suggestion.    I really, really appreciate you all.


17 comments on “Finally Figured It Out

  1. I also got tired of all the automated messages from WP blogs I was following and just went in and turned off that form of notification for future follows and then removed it from all the current blogs I follow… made my email account usable again without having to try and set-up filters.

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