Hungry Pretty Green

My sincerest thanks to Catherine Donnelly who just yesterday suggested the words  hungry, pretty and green which proved to be the perfect excuse to indulge my blog visitors in some more food porn.  As always,  I did an image search for these three words.   And came up with a lot of great food pics.  While some of these food pics clearly have a green theme,  others like this bacon cheese burger stack that I got from Stick ’em Up  don’t seem in any way green,  but no doubt will appeal to my bacon loving buddies.  (I fear Sharon may shudder if she sees this one.)

The baked fish with the garlicky green beans on the side,  which come from Erin’s  Food Obsessed in the Midwest blog are perhaps a slightly more color appropriate choice.  Though I can’t honestly say that the fish or the potatoes look very appealing to me.  Although it may be that if this plate were served to me right now and I would find the food palatable and tasty.    Though honestly?   I think I would much prefer to have that heart attack on a plate bacon cheeseburger stack.    (Just in case anyone was thinking of buying me lunch today.)

The blog Vegan In Australia identifies the dish shown at left as “Curry Fired Rice”  served at the Global Vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne.  What appears to me to be a large piece of zucchini at the lower left gives definite green color to this dish.   Though looking at it more closely I find myself thinking that I probably would not like this dish.   I do sometimes like curries but this one just doesn’t appeal to me.

I found myself agreeing with Debby whose salad was pictured on her blog De-Puffing Pixie With Weight Watchers,  when she called her salad remiscent of a rainbow.   While I don’t share Debby’s aversion to lettuce and love all sorts of salads,  I definitely found her combination of carrots, beets and spinach with a few sunflower seeds an bit of dressing quite appealing.    I confess that like Debby I do sometimes enjoy a bit more blue cheese dressing than really called for.   (I also found with my South Beaching that using a bit too much dressing really isn’t the worst thing in the world for your weight.) Frankly any salad that you eat is a good thing.

I’ve never actually made risotto.     I’ve had it a few times at restaurants where it was well-prepared,  and once where what I was served was a kind of pilaf that most definitely was not a risotto.     The picture at left,  of blogger A Shingle With a Shimmy And a Shake‘s  interpretation of Ina’ Garten’s Barefoot Contessa’s  Spring Green Risotto definitely fit the green part of the search term.    Frankly I don’t really think I will ever get around to trying to make a risotto.   But if you come over for supper,  I’d be happy to throw together a jambalaya for you.

It is still a bit too early in the summer for good peaches,  but after catching a glimpse of this image from Sherah’s blog A Fit Raw Vegan 8th Pregnancy,   I found myself remembering summers in childhood.   Sometime in August my grandfather would drive over from Alabama and bring us a couple of big baskets of fresh peaches.   I can taste the sweet juiciness in my imagination as I type this.    My mother had a recipe for peach ice cream that was simply frozen in ice cube trays in the kitchen freezer.    I kind of doubt I will ever have that again. And that makes me just a little sad.

In a post titled eating on 3–5 Euros a Day,  Marianne In France writes about this platter purchased at Restaurant Orientale in Marseille for only three Euros.   The ratatouille,  potatoes au gratin and stuffed bell pepper do look rather appetizing and Marianne writes that it is tasty, filling and enough food for two people.    In addition to budget restaurant reviews,  Marianne also serves up recipes and shopping lists for economical home cooking.

Rachelle,  whose blog Let Me Plan Dinner!  focuses on economical meal planning and grocery shopping adapted her recipe for Chicken Nachos from a recipe on All Recipes.   It did sounds good and the picture has me craving Mexican food.   At 8am.     Not a very practical craving.

It always bugs me just a little bit when a blogger doesn’t provide you with a name.   Her about page talks about a Kentucky bourbon called Woodford and goes on to explain that Woodford is also the name of the woman’s Weimaraner,  which for the uninitiated is a breed of dog.    The dog is cute,  and this photograph of the house salad served at DePalma’s Italian restaurant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama definitely looks green with all of those pepper strips on top.

And finally today,  I leave you with this picture of  Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes made by Tracey of Tracey’s Culinary Adventures.    Part of me feels as though just posting a bunch of food porn was a lazy way of responding to Catherine’s words.   And yet with choosing, downloading, uploading, linking and writing about these ten photographs I have actually invested considerably more time, effort and words than I usually do for these Just Three Words posts.      I hope you’ve enjoyed these glimpses of great food that I didn’t have to cook.   And I remind you again,  that all of the pictures on this site are 100% calorie free.   

11 comments on “Hungry Pretty Green

  1. So happy you liked my words and I’m happy I read this after I ate dinner… the rainbow salad is really a neat idea!

    • Thank you so much for your excellent suggestion, Catherine. I must make a point of adding the person who gave me the words’ name to the post when I first save the title. I apologize for not mentioning you in the post.

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