Gracious Grateful Greedy

I am greedy.   It’s a horrible thing to admit to, but anyone who knows me well knows it is true.   I hope that enough of the time I also manage to be gracious and grateful  (two other traits that fairly describe me) that my friends put up with my greedyness.   And I try hard never to push it.

As I write this I have 9 draft posts.   A couple of them are posts that I started but didn’t get around to finishing and the rest are three word suggestions I have received from my readers.    I am writing this post (about three words that describe me, rather than Just Three Words suggested by my readers) because I very much want and need more three word suggestions.     Even if you have previously suggested three words,   please suggest three more now.   I strongly prefer that they be three random words,  rather than a phrase.   I also ask that they not be the three keywords you try hardest to match for.    An article about three key words will either come out great or awful.   I love it when these posts turn out great but I do try hard to avoid awful.

It amuses me that I have been hearing more and more grousing from G+ users.   One user is upset– his profile has been suspended and he has made changes and re-submitted it several times but can’t seem to get it approved.  (Of course it is impossible to actually contact someone who could explain why the profile does not meet their criteria.)    I started to tell him the thing to do is to selectively remove content and then re-submit until it gets approved,  but refrained from suggesting that.   Another friend seems to hate G+ even more than I do.   He said something like G+ is as if the Star Wars folks made a social network for action figures.     I’m not sure I agree with that assessment,  though I found it striking.


14 comments on “Gracious Grateful Greedy

  1. Mmm I wonder what the the problem is with G+ for thewse guys:

    “Another friend seems to hate G+ even more than I do. He said something like G+ is as if the Star Wars folks made a social network for action figures”

  2. I have nightmares where I am being chased by a huge G+ figure, saying ‘you must make better use of Google plus or you will find out what unpleasant ways we have of making you do so!’ And then I wake up and find it is true. Aaarrrggghhh!

    Ok – another three words


  3. Oooo Ooo! I think I know who that might have been, lol!
    Your “3 word” posts are always well written entertainment.
    Seeing that Laura was the last post above mine, and she offered up another 3 words. My mind was instantly steered towards God!

    If I recall correctly you had some roots in the Northeast and perhaps had a bit of a chuckle the first time you came across one of the trucks from the G.O.D. freight company. With that lead in I’ll offer up….

    Guaranteed Overnight Delivery

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