Pastry Lunar Polarity

This is my 300th post to this blog.   I started this blog on August 22, 2007 when I got some great advice from blogger James Bashkin and moved my personal diary entries to this personal blog and concentrated my book review site on the book reviews.   That it took almost 5 years to reach this 300 post milestone reflects the fact that until quite recently I published in this blog only occasionally and made no effort whatsoever to promote it,  or even list it in directories.   That early and long lasting lack of attention, coupled with the fact that I have posted 153 of the 366 posts I pledged to publish every day this year,  leaves me at this little milestone today.

I continue to find the Just Three Words category something of a god send.   I have found that when the three vocabulary words are  really obscure very few images appear in the search and almost none of them are suitable.  If this happens I search for only two terms or only one term until I come up with an appropriate image for the post.    I was tickled that the number one image result for “pastry lunar polarity”  was this moon pie.   I blogged once before with the tag moon pie though this is one of those early posts on the book blog that completely mixed personal diary and book review.   I sometimes think the best and smartest move I ever made as a blogger was to change my focus to this personal blog.  I did actually post a book review yesterday,  though mostly I was annoyed that I could not sell an eBook version (which is horribly over priced anyway) and did not honestly recommend to my readers that they pay $14 for the hardcover edition.

I don’t honestly know where I am these days on the bi-polarity scale.   I am definitely feeling down about losing the good friend  (and that is how it feels to me,  although the status of the relationship is unclear).   I do know that all I can do is to just keep on keeping on,  and see what great people, places or things life may bring to me next.


4 comments on “Pastry Lunar Polarity

  1. Wow way to stick to it. Look forward to more…….I started my first Blog a few weeks ago, I get board because it feels like I’m talking to myself???? LOL

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