Archetype Deliquesce Axiom

Deliquesce seems to me an almost perfect word for the Pacific Northwest.   Contrary to the ice cubes melting into the sunshine illustration,  to delisquesce is for a solid to turn into a liquid by absorbing the moisture in the air.  That last is something we have a lot of of from October or November until April or May.   Or in this year’s instance June–  it is still damp and cloudy as I type this on June 12th.   What strikes me about deliquesce is that (as the picture makes clear) it is easy to mis-understand the word as meaning to liquify (as happens when ice melts) ye the melting ice clearly did not turn into liquid by absorbing moisture from the air around it.     Due to lack of space I stored a couple of cartons of books out on my patio when I moved to this apartment.    Over several months they deliquesced to a degree I had to throw them away.

Secretly,   I’ve always wanted to be an archetype,  although I am now old enough to realize that I most emphatically am not.   I am definitely a one of a kind original,  and I don’t think I epitomize any of the categories that I am in.  (And I kind of suspect my family and friends might rather wish that there not  be lots more Alans out there.)   I’m coming to think it is axiomatic that social media will change faster than I can write about it.   I was so pleased with all of the feedback I received regarding my observation that huge inflation has fundamentally changed Empire Avenue missions.    The real reason I never did start on the second volume is because everything I had thought out and planned to write became obsolete and largely inapplicable due to the huge inflation issue.   My current thinking is that I should simply update the book to reflect the changes in the algorithms and the interface  (these would not be huge or substantial changes) and go ahead and release it July 1st on the one year anniversary.   Perhaps I will number if 1.5.


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