What’s In A Name?

So I am trying to force myself to buckle down and get busy writing my new Empire Avenue Missions Guide and getting absolutely nowhere with it.  Some days it seems as though I wake up tired and drained and things inevitably go downhill from there.

Today I find myself thinking about online identity.  Reading a piece in a professional blog that includes the rather standard advice about being careful what you post in your social profiles because employers and prospective employers will read them and make judgement about you based upon them,   I found myself thinking that my friends in human resources would probably quite agree with my idea that you should have separate profiles,  which are not in fact associated with your wallet name,  for doing the kinds of things you don’t want your boss or your mother to hear about.

It appears to me that inflation has hit Empire Avenue missions big time.   So many of the longest established players who have accumulated great wealth put forth missions paying 10,000 eaves and can offer a huge number of them.    It’s almost to the point I don’t see much point even putting up missions that offer only 2,500 eaves.   So I find myself wondering if rather that a guide to using missions to drive social traffic and activity,  what I need to do is write a lesson on creating and accumulating wealth so as to be able to drive social activity using missions.      I just don’t feel ready to write the next volume and feel certain I am going to miss the July 1st release date I had been working towards.   Ah well.   I will write no book before its time.


8 comments on “What’s In A Name?

  1. I’m receiving value from my missions. I keep them short, to the point, and 30 or 40 depending on the time of the day for a 1,500 reward. My hit rate is 95 – 100% I’m not complaining, but I see the point you make about the long established players. I’m not too bothered by that, as everyone is running their own race. I’m on track, and my stakes improving, so what do I have to worry about. As for your book, what about writing about something other than Empire Avenue. Leave the EAVE posts to the big players, and write something more interesting.

  2. Been there, done that, so far as the procrastination over writing is concerned. I usually develop an obsession with online patience/solitaire as ideal displacement activity.
    I still have not finished my blog post on EAV to my satisfaction, and am struggling with the challenge it poses to Polonius’s advice (you know, the bit about ‘to thine own self be true…’), not to mention the ten commandments (not coveting another’s ox/eaves, and not bearing false witness…)
    We are just happy to read whatever you feel like writing…

  3. I’ve been on EA for a year and have generally grown, though I’ve had dips and stalled periods, despite the fact my activity is pretty consistently the same. It took a year to get to 10M eaves of net wealth, but I added 1.8M of net wealth in the 2 weeks since my 1 yr. EAversary. I’m hoping the trend continues and I’ll be able to start offering bigger, better, and more frequent missions. So, I think you may be on to something with focusing on building on wealth before, or as part of, a chapter on missions.

    Doing missions, picking the highest payout ones first for the actions you’ll complete, esp. the “invest in me missions” is one of the main reasons I think my growth has picked up. I had no interest in klout, but so many players are willing to pay for +Ks it’s an easy way to pick up some eaves, it made sense to join. (Then, of course, I wanted to score points in my favorite topics so I got sucked in a little, but don’t spend too much time on it.)

  4. There is little doubt that the level of mission reward required to have the mission accepted is on the rise. As with anything else, there is a form of price inflation happening, especially as more and more missions chase the same group of regular players. To stand out from the mission forest, the rewards become ever larger. Such is the nature of the beast.

  5. There is a firestorm going on right now about EA mission ethics. I may write up some thoughts on the topic, and I would be honored if you’d look at them. Perhaps that will stir something and you can get through your block.

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