Verisimilitude Ambidextrous Cuniform

Susurrus.   It’s an obscure vocabulary word that is not in any way related to verisimilitude, ambidextrous or cuniform,  and none of those words is related to each other,  except that all four of these are what I might call “six dollar words”.     The sort of words one uses in order to show off one’s erudition.   Which I long ago learned tends to be more off-putting than anything else.

Not that I don’t love obscure words.  (Click on the picture at the left for a link to a long list of interesting and unusual words selected by another blogger.)   Verisimilitude always seemed to me a rather pretentious term.   Much like susurrus it is a big fancy word that would be better replaced by one or two simpler terms.   Realism, anyone?  Yet I continue to suffer my time drift for your reading enjoyment,  composing this post just after midnight on June 5th,  again in advance of the planned birthday celebration.   I rather wish I had the sort of ambidextrous imagination that could write about tomorrow’s events before they happened,  without totally getting them wrong nor freighting them with unattainable expectations which would doom almost any party.

Sometimes I wonder if it would not be better to think and write in cuniform or some other long obscured language that very few people around me can understand.   I suppose I have long known that words can hurt and a friend delivered to me a veritable sermon of hurtful words,  which honestly did not seem like a very nice birthday present to me.   I can’t honestly say there was not some truth in each of the things he said.   It is funny how one can say something,  then say something else and then say a third thing, a fourth thing and a fifth thing,  and the next thing you know you are realizing that someone you had long considered a good friend,  maybe isn’t a friend at all.   Life is change.    And words definitely matter.     And sometimes I think it is far better to simply exchange words with folks you know only through words.   And leave the mess of real human interactions to those better suited to it.


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