Meander Blitzkreig Flurry

As I write this on the evening of  June 5th,  my mind meandering towards my birthday tomorrow,   I find myself thinking that the feeling of time shift,  or time drift– the effect of constantly writing these posts in advance and scheduling them for a particular date,  will be the surest and most long-lasting memory of my year of blogging every day.   Already this evening I am getting Happy Birthday wishes on my Facebook wall,  though honestly I don’t feel any older just yet.

Tomorrow Ron and I plan to celebrate with a late lunch at the new Chinese buffet that has opened in our neighborhood.  (The one that closed a while back seems to have been re-incarnated as a Seven-Eleven.)    After our lunch we will drive up to Milton to run an errand and then pick up our returning roommate,  who is due back from two weeks in Canada visiting his girlfriend.   Ron seems to be very much looking forward to having him back home.    And some day soon,   the UPS man will bring me my birthday present– Ron ordered me a case of Zapp’s potato chips– all the Cajun craw tator flavor.    I plan to hoard them and stretch them out for the whole summer.     He actually offered me a choice of the chips or an assortment of Hubig’s pies,   but it seems to me we get plenty of sweets,  and I find I really do miss my Zapp’s.

I frankly doubt that I will have nearly as many people wishing me a happy birthday on this post as I was able to round up for Holly’s birthday post a few months ago.   While I’m sure I will receive a flurry of messages,   I frankly doubt it will be a blitzkrieg.    But I know that I will be genuinely grateful for each and every message I receive.   Forty-eight years, egad.    When did I get so……old?


40 comments on “Meander Blitzkreig Flurry

    • The food was wonderful, Susan. We had been morning the passing of our local buffet (a 7-11 is going in there now) but the new one is much better than the old one so we are happy campers 🙂

  1. Hauoli La Hanau, Alan. Best wishes for a fun filled day of celebration that is the start of your best year ever!

    May your life be filled with peace, joy and abundance in all that matters to you –and, o course, Zapp’s potato chips and Hubig’s pies. Sending you warmest aloha, Janet

  2. May you have a most wondrous of days , filled with laughter , love and light. Many Happy returns of the day…Happy Birthday Alan 🙂

  3. Feliz cumpleanos, Alan (and I know that should have a tilde, but my knowledge does not stretch to that).
    I have been smiling at the idea that 48 is old. Forty is old, and thirty was horrendous. But that’s it. You’ve got over the worst. I’m here to tell you that life more or less goes on getting better, particularly if you enjoy the company of your own brain and others as I think you do. We will all still be able to enjoy interacting (it is more than just conversation, isn’t it?) when we are in our bath chairs. That may be some time ahead for you and less for me, but the internet has revolutionised the enjoyment of old age – in fact ‘grow old along with me, the best is yet to be’!

  4. Thanks so much, Laura. Part of me knows you are right that the later years really can be the best years, although as I type this reply this is not the best of days, I am not in the best of moods and am particularly aware today of all the little aches and pains that go with getting through some days, whether you’re five or fifty.

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