5/12 OR 140/152 (Is 92% an A?)

Hazy Golden Supermoon by Angela GarrodIs 92% an A, an A-  or a B+?   In the first five months of my post every day in 2012 challenge I have missed posting on 12 different days.   Which is to say that I have posted on 140 out of 152 days.   It seems to me that different schools have different scales regarding where a B becomes an A- or an A- a full fledged A,   but 92% seems to me a pretty good score.    I definitely think that trying to keep with the discipline of posting every single day has been a good thing for me.   And the Just Three Words project has really helped me to focus and crank out posts much more easily than had previously been the case.   (Want me to write a post just for you?   Just leave me a comment with your choice of any three random words.)

As I type this,  in the waning hours of May 3oth,  I am pleased to note that I am working ahead– this post will go live on June 5th,  just one day before my 48th birthday.    It is so nice to be ahead of schedule rather than rushing to get a post out before 5pm rolls around and the server date advances.   I hope to keep on with posting every day and will post another report card like this later in the year.


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