Mellifluous Maladroit Meromorphic

Words are where I live.   I know lots of the words.   And with my years of Latin classes,  I am often able to decipher medical and legal expressions.   Although I resoundingly flunked Introduction To Anatomy and Physiology when I made an ill-considered stab at preparing to apply to nursing school.  (Nursing is definitely a profession for which I would be spectacularly ill-suited.)    One of the very few other classes I ever failed was high school geometry.      While I’m great with words and can converse with most anyone,  I am so not good at math and science.     And despite the years of voice lessons that I took back in high school,  I’m afraid that my voice has never been especially mellifluous.     While I speak well and can wax eloquent at times my voice seems only ordinary to me.

I would certainly have been a maladroit had I gone into nursing.    And honestly,  I understand so little math that the definition of meromorphic was more or less meaningless to me.  I feel so fortunate to have finally realized that writing is what I do best and what I should focus most of my efforts upon doing.   As I type this,  I have five posts already written and scheduled,  as well as 17 additional three word titles still to be written about.     I am most certainly in a manic phase as I crank out these blog posts.    After thinking about it for a while  I decided that what I should do about #definethis is to continue blogging a word of the day each day,  and put up missons that are open to anyone with no community or shareholder requirements that drive traffic to the #definethis blog and ASK missionaries to play the word game on Twitter but make clear that everyone is welcome to the eaves just for stopping by.

The more I have worked with missions and experimented with different eligibility criteria,  I’ve come to believe that the best approach is to let absolutely everyone take the eaves.    With simple re-tweet missions I’ve found that I get a 90-99% completion rate.   More complex missions will I believe always have lower completion rates,  though I got a pretty great response rate on a mission asking folks to leave a three word comment for my Just 3 Words project.     Pretty much every player on Empire Avenue has a Twitter account,  so I am thinking that if there is no community to join and no hoops to jump through,  maybe I will attract more players than my somewhat convoluted two communities to join previous approach.

Today’s words were submitted by my friend Diana Lewis,  who is the Community Manager for ResumeBear


2 comments on “Mellifluous Maladroit Meromorphic

  1. You’re getting really good at this! Although we know it is lexicographically driven, it feels like a good essay moving smoothly from topic to topic. Mes hommages!

    (Yes, and I too think my love of language derives from those endless Latin lessons. Do you remember chanting ‘Latin is a language, as dead as dead can be. It killed the Ancient Romans and now it’s killing me!’?)

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