Moo Kitty Quack

Just for kicks I am typing the frst draft of this post with a teensy tiny Bluetooth keyboard that belongs to a geeky friend.  While I will go back and edit it on my lap top,   I just wanted to try using this teensy tiny device in a real world application.   The very first sentence above is as far as I ever got typing on that tiny keyboard.   I realized that if I used it for a period of days or weeks,  I could no doubt get used to it,   just as I once became proficient at typing with my thumbs on the tiny keyboard on my e-mail pager way back when.   While I am sure there are occasions or applications where being able to use that tiny keyboard and sit back away from the screen you are typing on would be handy,   I can’t really see any reason for me to master that little keyboard now.

This post,  despite the odd three word title is not one of my Just 3 Words dealies.   No friend with an Old MacDonald fixation suggested these three animal sounds.   And honestly,  I don’t remember why I myself typed these three words into the title box,  using that tiny keyboard.    Although I only typed the title and the first sentence it seems to me that I played with that keyboard for hours.       I really have been having so much fun with Just 3 Words.   While my posts are still pretty much about whatever happens to be on my mind, or whatever is going on in my life  having the three words to hang it all up on seems to make it a zillion times easier for me.    I have 21 post titles picked out as I write this,  and I hope that my readers will continue to comment with other three word suggestions.   Note– I am not looking for phrases or your keywords.     Three random, un-related words is what this writer ordered.

The animal noises got me to remembering a toy from early childhood.   Spin the dial and pull the string and it makes the animal’s sound.     I also found myself remembering,  when Joel and I used to watch the Daily Show on Comedy Central,  and at the very end of the end credits the announcer always intoned:  “The cow says MOOOOOOO.”


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