Aspire Negotiation Quickly

While I do have some memories, from way back when I was graduating high school,  of being asked about my aspirations (in that noun form),  I have to confess that the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word aspire is a credit card.   And indeed the Aspire credit card is the number one Google search result for the word aspire.  (Merriam-Webster’s definition– ‘to seek to attain or accomplish a particular goal <aspired to a career in medicine>. 2. : ascend, soar.’ –comes in third.)   Aspirations are mostly it seems to me somewhat fancified goals,  and I definitely do believe that getting a crystal clear view of the goal you are trying to accomplish is necessarily the first step in accomplishing it.   (I genuinely believe in “creative visualization” and know that if you can see clearly in your mind where you are trying to get to,  chances are your mind can get you there.  I always seem to have a lot of trouble getting clarity in my goals.)

Negotiation is a useful skill,  although it is not always a relevant one.   For instance if you call a customer service number,  chances are the agent you speak to is very limited in what they can do for you.    If you are asking for a refund or adjustment that is outside of the company’s policy,   even if you are an ace negotiator,  the chances of your getting what you want on the call are pretty much zero.   (Customer service people are trained to offer explanations and apologies.    Most companies place strict limits on refunds.)  On the other hand,  being a good negotiator can really help you in landing a job or a client.    Offering to work the first day (hour, week, whatever) free of charge can be a compelling pitch and may help you to get great jobs.

Now that I have launched this little ‘give me Just Three Words’ project,   the creation of blog posts is moving along very quickly and I am working and scheduling ahead.     If I were to write posts for every selection I have received I could easily get a full month or more ahead.   But I have to confess that I am not going to do every suggestion I’ve received.    If the three words are really a phrase,  chances are I won’t write about them.    What I love about this writing assignment is taking three random words and making them into a coherent post,  which is actually about things other than those three words, per se.   Writing about a motivational phrase or some other blog’s keywords,   just doesn’t appeal to me as much.   After now almost six months into my blog every day in 2012 aspiration (and despite having taken several days off from it at different times) writing these blog posts is still mostly a lot of fun for me.  And that really is why I do it.    OMG.   Don’t tell Holly but I think that makes me a Successful Blogger.


8 comments on “Aspire Negotiation Quickly

  1. Hi, Alan, I was not able to provide three words yesterday. Now I would provide three after reading this story. Since International Children’s Day is coming, how about “Children hunger nutrition”?

  2. Dear Alan, Thank you so much for your great blog and your suggestion to aspire to a better complaint management at call centers! My three words would be “continuously improve quality” where I mean that “aspire your change” in the sense that also companies learn how important feedback management is, not only for their survival but also for their continuous improved quality processes, for their R&D, for their own positive development! Have a great and happy day! Best, Lucas

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