Turnip Toreador Arbitration

Today’s topic was suggested by the inestimable Wayne Hurlbert,  a great voice in podcasting–he interviews thought leaders in business, economics, and technology every Tuesday and Thursday evening on the Blog Business Success radio show.

The word turnip brings to my mind not a root vegetable but a blogger in New Jersey,  who used to blog about a topic that used to interest me and whom I used to know on some web sites that these days are defunct or might as well be.    Dropping by his site and seeing that his last post was a year and a half ago was a bit sad for me.    Many, many people start blogs every day,  and the sad fact is more often than not they do not keep up with their blogs.    As the posts go stale they become less and less attractive.    For those who publish their blogs on a major platform like WordPress.com  or Blogspot.com,  even if they abandon their sites and never log in to their admin panels again,  their ghostly sites will stay up for as long as these big publishers see fit to keep them there.    To me there is something strikingly sad about an abandoned blog.

I am pretty sure I knew before I began writing this post that a toreador is a bull fighter,  although wikipedia’s  disambiguation page for the term did provide me with the useful information that the toreador is the mascot of Boone High School in Boone, Iowa.     What the word actually made me think of was the somewhat similar-sounding word troubadour which was a #definethis word of the day last week.   I am finding #definethis more and more frustrating.    I put out missions every day,  but usually only a handful of people play.    Requiring that people join communities to get the eaves is not working out all that well.    Only two players took advantage 10,000 eaves mission I offered on Friday  (out of 5 or 6 who were eligible).     I find myself thinking that there must be a better way to do this and make the game popular.     I may let #definethis slip on to hiatus until I figure it out.

Arbitration makes me think about a blogger whom I once thought I knew fairly well.    For years we had lived in the same city,  and although we never once met face to face following along in his life via his blog made me come to consider him a friend.    I was pleased to find that Cromley’s blog is still up there and he continues to post regularly.    Once of his best pillar posts is this article about Credit Card Arbitrage that may be genuinely useful to anyone who owns one or more credit cards.   And linking to this guy whom I haven’t really heard from in years is the kind of odd re-connection one may get,  if you continue to maintain a blog for years and years.     And yes,   I know that arbitrage is something distinctly different than arbitration,   and yet as with toreador and troubadour,  what the word most clearly brought to mind for me,   was a different word.    I find myself thinking that is perhaps the be all and end all of being a real word nerd  🙂

PS– in reply to all the questions about the Soup For Sluts image,  visit this post to learn how I select the post images.


2 comments on “Turnip Toreador Arbitration

  1. Hey! My site is pretty dead, but for the bst of reasons. I got a very good paying job and can’t waste all day blogging about blogging any longer. When CMF Ads shut down, that ended my last connection to the internet community. Although I no longer blog, I do pay for hosting, so my blog will vanish when I stop paying the billls. It’s not free at all. I will keep my logo and the name “Turnip” should I return to any internet adventures in the future. Great to hear from you again Alan.

    • So glad to hear your life is going well. You really never do know where life is going to take you. I think you are wise to keep your domain and have the name and site to go back to, should circumstances change and you find you want to be in the blogosphere again.

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