MMM mmm Good

Malicious, malevolent, myopic.  No?  How about mordant, misconstrue, malefactor?   I am muddling around ‘m’ words today,  after my friend Laura gave me a suggestion for my three words project.

Honestly,  I never considered the adjective mordant to be a complimentary one.    While I, like pretty much everyone else I know,  can be a bit sarcastic at times,  mordant seems to me to describe an almost bitter,  heavily sarcastic tone that I mostly try to avoid.   Sarcasm mostly seems just too easy to me.  A bit like kicking a man when he’s down.    I can’t say I never use sarcasm,  but I don’t use it a lot and I never consider it my finest hour.

One of the most useful communication tricks I’ve ever learned is when listening to someone,   I always paraphrase what they said and repeat it back to them.    Whether I understood them correctly or not,  this most always helps to clarify whatever has been said.     As a writer I most always want very much to be understood.  Not for my words to be mis-construed or mis-understood or mis-taken.   I would like to think that most of the time these blog posts are fairly clear and understandable to my readers.     I always greatly appreciate comments that make clear my message was heard.

I would never refer to one of my readers and commentators as a malefactor,   someone who has done something evil or wrong.    And I want to make clear that I do love and appreciate my friends in the inspirational niches.    I am genuinely grateful to everyone who responded to my previous post and left three suggested words as an inspiration to future posts.     I have already selected a dozen of them that I will definitely use and will continue to consider any and all three word suggestions that I receive.     If you can think of three random words and would like to see me write a blog post about them,    please leave a comment with your three words below.     Here’s hoping your new week is off to a great start.


26 comments on “MMM mmm Good

  1. Very nicely done.

    Laura’s Mordant was perhaps my favorite suggested word. When I saw your title and the “Soup for Sluts” picture I thought you were going the fixative route.

    Looking forward to more in the future.

    Have a great day!

  2. Have been out to lunch (physically – and I suppose metaphorically) and I come back to 22 comments on ‘my’ post. I love it! And it is very gratifying to have a post tailor-made like this.
    I am interested in what you say about ‘mordant’. I think you must be a nicer person than I am, more full of the milk of human kindness. I think my blog probably is pretty mordant – the thing is, in the Anglican Communion we are faced with a huge problem of warring factions and ‘managers’ incapable of getting them to work together. There is one faction out to ‘spank the Yanks’ (not my phrase) over making women and gay (and occasionally gay women) bishops. There is another faction (mine) who can’t wait for the Church of England to do the same thing. I am in a weak position, and sarcasm (satire on a good day) is really the only weapon open to me. Some days this gets me two steps forward, some days it gets me one step back.
    La Lucha Continua!

    • Laura, the situation you describe with warring factions of Anglicans seems to me quite like the political situation we here in the US face today. Our citizens are very polarized and our leaders no longer even try to work together because most partisans don’t want the folks they elect to work with the other side. It is discouraging. (I kind of doubt that I moo with the milk of human kindness, though I do _try_ to be ‘fairly nice’; _most_ of the time.)

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