Just Three Words

First,  be assured that my verbosity has not in any way whatsoever abated.   But yesterday I had So much fun cranking out a blog post based on three random words my friend Lindy suggested.    And I had something of an epiphany.   I’ve long been settling into writing one three paragraph post of 300 to 500 words.   And I’m realizing it would be rather cool to write this blog about anything, everything and nothing about trios of words suggested by readers.   So have at it.   Give me your three favorite words.   Or three random words.  Or unusual words.    Just give me three words and I will give you a blog post.

I need to make clear up front that I am not promising to crank out something for every single trio that comes over the transom.   But the better I like the words the more likely I will get around to writing your post.    If you leave a link to your blog, I will be sure to give you a link when I write your post.   I will also visit your blog and comment.     If you can choose three random words from a dictionary and leave them for me in less than a minute or two,   it could be a pretty easy way to get one more visitor to your blog.    Building relationships with other bloggers is the best way to create organic back links.    (If you are still so naive as to be purchasing back links or paying some guru to get them for you….let’s just say you are still at the snake oil buying newbie stage of the blogosphere.)

I find myself wondering what words my readers will throw at me.   I suspect Holly will come up with something.    And I look forward to writing about whichever words Laura throws out.    And what about you?    Will you please leave me three words in a comment below.     Be sure to include your blog link.     Come on.   Give me just three words.


36 comments on “Just Three Words

  1. Good morning Alan – you know me so well. Unable to resist a challenge, particularly a lexicographical one, above all a lexicographical challenge from you.

    I was tempted to offer the opening 3 words of my latest entry in #definethis: ‘Troubadours Are Trouble’. But that is a story that virtually writes itself.

    So I chose some parameters – words with the same initial letter, and one noun, one adjective and one verb. I submit:


    Do have a happy Saturday morning! I wonder what Holly has come up with?

  2. A disappointing Sunday for me. I went to great lengths and depths to help a friend and get tickets for a cricket match today in our city (Chennai). He got one ticket and he wanted me to come with him somehow. I took so much effort to get myself a ticket at the last minute and now he asks me to come over to the stadium on my own. So much so for being kind. Afterall i do not have a car yet and had no intentions of going to watch the game live. Damn. Feel very letdown. Just venting it out here.


  3. Hi Alan,

    as a writer on holiday, I like to make it a bit more easy for you.

    – beach
    – sunshine
    – cocktail

    Have fun and see you around at EA – (e)DET


  4. I just want to say a huge Thank You to everyone who commented and left a suggestion. I will be using most of the suggestions over the next few weeks. If you have other suggestions, please feel free to leave them.

    • Thank you Holly.

      It has been one of my favorite words since the mid 80’s that I learned while playing a RPG on floppy created by Philip Price titled Alternate Reality – The City of Xebec’s Demise. The word was part of riddle / challenge.

      Oh how I miss that level of stamina (NOT). 48+ hour power sessions fueled by 5 or 6 2-liter bottles of Coke, 3 to 4 packs of Marlboro Menthol, and if we could pull ourselves away long enough to get to the telephone a pie from the local Pizzeria and Mozzarella sticks. Then pondering how Friday afternoon turned into Monday morning faced with the awful decision of replenishing the Coke and cigarettes for an additional run at the game or going to school!

      The following 2 decades saw my circle of gaming friends moving south one by one and online gaming technological advancements soar. Most of them began gaming online together and they tried to pull me in. I politely declined all, because I knew that the REALITY of a platform that never sleeps It would be EXTREMELY hard to pull myself away from an “Alternate Reality”

      I thank you once again Holly, as you have spurned a response that has turned into my next blog post. If you are on the Avenue, stop by and purchase a share and reference Xebec so I know who you are and I’ll pick some up in return.

      Bill, Lynn, and Friends of Bewitched!

  5. I live here in South Florida and we just had a wonderful Memorial day weekend. My three words for you are Sun, Sand and Sublime. Have a great day and keep up the outstanding work on your blog!

  6. I have just spent a wonderful Memorial Day weekend here in South Florida and I would like to add these three words: Sun, Sand and Sublime. 🙂

    Keep up the great work on your blog!

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