Drizzle Thermos Drafty

So I was chatting with my friend Anise on Facebook.    She said something to the effect that she should catch up on her blogging,  but was enjoying being lazy.   I replied and mentioned my blog every day in 2012 challenge and mentioned that I am to the point I could do a blog post out of pretty much any three random words.    My friend Lindy chimed in suggesting “drizzle,  thermos,  drafty”.    This post is my reply.

Living in the Pacific Northwest,  I am certainly familiar with incessant,  unending drizzle.    This area is famous for the “Seattle rain”,  though the fact is we actually receive considerably less precipitation each year than, for instance, Boston or Atlanta or most other major American cities.   From around November to April we tend to have a lot of gray, drizzly weather.   Folks from those rainier Eastern cities have been known to come out here,  spend one winter in constant cool, gray and damp weather and flee.    For the other four or five months it is usually spectacular– sunny, gorgeous and rarely too hot.    The rumors of endless rain in Seattle are said to have been started by some Northwest natives who were trying to discourage immigration from California.

A thermos can be a very handy thing.    I suppose the airpot we keep our brewed coffee in is a type of thermos,  though since it sits permanently on our kitchen counter I never think of it as a thermos.   To me a thermos is a portable container for taking along hot or cold liquids that need to be maintained at temperature.    I am remembering early elementary school,  and every child had a lunch box,  a clunky metal rectangular box,  and each box had a matching thermos  (all done up with artwork from television series or movies).    What is funny to me is that I remember the lunch boxes and the thermoses.   But I can’t for the life of me ever remember any beverage I toted in my thermos.

As I have sat here composing this blog post,   several zephyrs of lovely late spring breeze have pushed open the blinds and sped through my living room.    The wonderful breezes of late spring and early summer never feel drafty,   a word I inevitably associate with winter and poorly insulated rooms.  Though in truth when I lived in Boston,   I never ever had a problem with drafts.    From late November to late March,  every apartment I lived in in Boston had heat from steam radiators that usually made it too darned hot.   I vividly remember throwing open my windows and watching the snow fall on the sidewalk,   breathing in the wonderful cold air and equalizing the temperature in my otherwise insufferably hot apartment.   All things considered,   I like the weather here in Tacoma much  better than that back in New England.


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