Due To Lack Of Interest

Due to lack of interest,  today’s blog post has been canceled.  I remember long, long ago coming across a book titled Due To Lack Of Interest Tomorrow Has Been Canceled.   I don’t in fact remember what the book was about,   but today I felt like stealing the title.   Today I feel like one of a zillion or so people who is jumping up and down and screaming their lungs out trying to get attention.   And quite failing at it, frankly.

I know that it is ultimately both a totally unfair feeling and a sure sign that I have slipped over from manic to depressed.  I’ve come to realize that when I am happy and upbeat I project that onto all of the people around me.    And when I am down and depressed I also project all of that onto all the poor souls I encounter.     Which is how it is that I am writing this blog post,   pissing and moaning that no one wants to hear what I have to say even as you,  dear reader,  once again read my ravings.    I do apologize for being a bit of an ass today.

We are a bit early this month to the  ‘we’re broke ’cause it’s (this time almost) the last week of the month’.     I did take two car loads of cans back to the recycling center,  which brought in a few bucks but they will not last as long as we have month left, unfortunately.     It appears we have about one more car load of cans to take in  (and then all of the long accumulation of cans will be cleared off the patio,  which I hope to get cleaned up for summer).    Here’s hoping that next month will be a little easier financially.   And finally,   just to end this post with a little good news–  I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.   My latest A1C  was down to 7.3.   7.0  is normal.    The nurse and I think I’m doing pretty good.   The doctor was rather stern that we need to get it down that last 0.3  but frankly,  compared to the 24 I had when I first started seeing this doctor,  7.3 is Major improvement.     Here’s hoping it’s been a good week in your world.


9 comments on “Due To Lack Of Interest

  1. No lack of interest among your readers, Alan. I am pretty sure of that. Lack of time, lack of organised time at least, possibly. What can your followers do for you in the down part of the cycle? (you’re great fun to be around when you’re up!)

  2. I read that book!! We used to joke that the only book ever kept under lock and key in our house, when I was growing up, was Spock’s “Between Parent and Child.” Heaven forbid I should figure out “reverse psychology” and start using it on my PARENTS! The truth was, the only book I was strongly encouraged and directly ASKED not to read was “Valley of the Dolls,” and it just didn’t look all that interesting, so I haven’t – to this day. But “Due to Lack of Interest…”? LOL I was FAR too young for that book, but I remember enjoying it, nonetheless. I think I may have been 12…or not quite.

    That’s where I first learned there might be interesting uses for banana peels. And that led to someone loaning me a copy (probably when I was 15 or 16) of “The Anarchist’s Cookbook,” where I learned how to make napalm and exploding lightbulbs. (NO, I never actually TRIED that!! Don’t look at me like that! LOL) But you know, they’re right – literacy, in the wrong hands, COULD be a dangerous thing. Or it could lead to an active imagination that can play that scene to its logical conclusions (including the one where glass is embedded in one’s own face while the fire of seven suns clings to his or her skin and cannot be washed off) and ensure that one never mixes deter–never mind.

    I agree with Nicolas. I felt the same way a few weeks ago. Until I started writing things just for the joy of it, without worrying who was “paying attention” and who wasn’t. When I realized that of course I couldn’t be everywhere at once, and that probably left a lot of people feeling hurt and neglected and not realizing that they, too, were guilty of that somewhere, with someone else. Such is life on the Internet.

    Layanglicana is also right. We’re scattered and disorganized, except where we absolutely MUST keep it together. (Seriously, though, I know folks who are tightly organized in even the “fun” and non-essential things, and they seem stressed and unhappy most of the time. But it’s hard to find the right balance consistently.) It’s unfortunate that we have to ASK for what we need, but it’s reality. Men have been complaining forever that women expect them to be mindreaders. The truth is, we all expect others to be mindreaders and much more thoughtful, conscientious people than we are (especially when we ARE, by nature, inclined to be).

    • fwiw, I quite enjoyed Valley Of The Dolls as a teenager. From a very early age I chose for myself what books to read and I don’t recall my parents ever interfering in my reading selections. One of the things my huzband has been teaching me is that sometimes it is Really hard to ask for what you want, whatever the mind reading abilities of the one you want it from.

      • Well, notice I said they ASKED me not to read it, because my mom read it and thought it was inappropriate at whatever age I was, at the time. The book was just sitting out in the open. That’s what happens when “between parent and child” there exists some measure of trust and mutual respect. I could’ve chosen to read it any time. Instead, I chose to lift all the gothic romance novels and rename the entire genre to “those woman-running-away-from-the-house books.” (Which pretty much sums up the cover of EVERY gothic romance on the market.)

        I also ENCOURAGE my kids to pick a present or two from Barnes & Noble’s “Banned Books” table each year.

        I’m not sure we always KNOW what we need until we don’t get it and start to feel neglected, hurt, put-upon, and a bit sulky about it. (I can only speak for myself, here, but I doubt I’m alone in this.) When you realize, though, how relieved YOU feel when a friend does manage to clearly express what THEY need from YOU, it gets easier. You begin to see that instead of being a burden, you really do relieve them of that unrealistic expectation of psychic ability, and give them a choice – do, or do not. 😉 The trick is to let the need be known without twisting the knife of guilt if they CANNOT – because then they’ll just start avoiding you altogether. 🙂

    • Pssst…never hurts to squeak up and say so. 😉

      Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the sort of funk Alan’s described so eloquently, here (contrary to the popular notion of writers writing only to please themselves, I’m not one of those – I want to know there are readers out there). You are one of those who’ve come through for me when I felt that way, Emma. So are the other folks writing and commenting here. Sometimes it’s about just being PEOPLE. Friends.

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