Best Advice For New Bloggers

The very best advice I can give to folks who want to create a money making blog is this.   First figure out how your site is going to make money.   Are you going to steer traffic to an affiliate program?   Are you going to sell advertising?   Are you going to sell memberships?     How are you going to make money from the web site you’re going to create.   Answer that question before you look at any other questions and you will be light years ahead of 99% of other bloggers out there.      After you’ve figured out how you’re going to make money,  only then choose a niche and make decisions about hosting and platform.  There are ways you can make money  (though probably not the huge earnings you envisioned if you’ve been reading about getting rich quick by blogging).    The make money online niche (MMO)  is not a bad one if you are trying to make money,  though you really only make money by peddling snake oil in that niche.

The second best advice I can give to folks who are blogging to make money from it is to always look for ways of getting targeted traffic,  which is to say people who more likely than not are in the market for what you are selling.     If your product is strongly geared to, say,  women 18–49,  traffic from men is probably not going to help you much.     (Substitute any demographic,  it’s still true.   Random traffic is of very little value if you are trying to convert them to sales.)   One of the most common mistakes those who are trying to make money with their blogs make is chasing after  random traffic rather than focusing ever more tightly on attracting only visitors who are in the market for the product being sold. Raw traffic is useless.   Carefully targeted traffic is golden.   Your traffic and your conversion rate  (the percentage of visitors who make a purchase) are what govern your income if you are blogging for money.  (If your only income is from blog advertising,  you will be lucky to earn your hosting fees unless you match really well for a huge high paying keyword like, for instance mesothelioma.    The competition for such a high paying keyword is huge and your site would have to be a hell of an information resource to match well for it.

Creating blogs to make money can be a fun hobby,  though it is actually a great deal more difficult to do than you might tend to believe.      But if you are willing to learn what to do and keep doing it,  you can with multiple blogs hope to earn something approaching a living.    But the first thing you need to remember is that it is NOT in any way whatsoever an “easy” way to do so.


6 comments on “Best Advice For New Bloggers

  1. Blogging is labor intensive, with so few rewards. I definitely subscribe to the idea business need a blog, and writers should consider setting one up, but not without understanding what’s involved, and with realistic expectations.

  2. My main goal is to sell canvassed artwork, and the blogging is going to just have to be my experience of the work process and how I can get to it I suppose. there will be a medium somewhere.

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips! I’m going to be trying audio blogs soon, similar to audio books where readers will have the option to listen to a blog post instead of read. Also, you should try using the Disqus comment system, way more socially friendly. Thanks again!

    • imho Disqus is the most horrid sucky comment system there is. They are using ancient Twitter data and call me a long ago nickname. The native WP comments with askimet are great imho.

  4. Some great tips here! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to be trying something new on my blog very soon that no one else has tried before. I don’t intend to become rich off of my blog. Just make enough money from Adsense so the hosting doesn’t come out of my pocket. Thanks again!

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